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Woolite Sample and Share

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My 5 year old has gotten extra tough on his clothes lately. Last Friday he came home with the knees torn in both legs of his pants. I can’t remove holes in the wash, but when he crawled in the grass on Saturday, I knew I had to try to remove the grass stains that appeared on those pants. He also somehow got a stain on the back of one of his school shirts!

While you may know Woolite® as the detergent for treating your delicates, Woolite® is also specially formulated to keep the love that you have for your everyday clothes, whether vintage or fresh off the rack, alive. I have definitely had problems with clothing fading in the past and I am glad that Woolite is addressing this problem. I decided to test out the Woolite samples that I received from Crowdtap on the grass stained knees and back of the shirt stain that I mentioned above.


The stain on the pants is much faded. While not completely gone, the Woolite definitely helped.

The stain on the back of the shirt is completely gone!

I would definitely like to give Woolite the test of time on preventing fading and shrinking, but as far as samples go, I was pleased with the results on Zachary’s clothes! I have samples of Woolite available for my local friends if anyone is interested!