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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Break Adventure #5–The Zoo

Our last adventure of Spring Break was on Sunday March 30. This time it was back the zoo, this time with my friend who lives in South Dakota and was taking a weekend trip to Kansas City with her four kids! Her two youngest are the same ages as Gabbie and Zachary. This time we ended up spending a good amount of time watching the chimps. They were all sitting right outside the viewing building because someone was throwing down berries to them from the top of the building. It was so funny to watch!

This is just inside the building, it asks if you can reach as high as a chimpanzee.

Here they come, walking over to wait for their berries.


Got one

I love how they’re all sitting in a line

Zachary and my friends 3 boys watching the chimps

Looks like the chimp thinks Zachary is interesting!

When we finally left the chimps, some of us took the sky ride back and some of us walked. I walked with Simon, Gabbie, and one of my friend’s sons. We got to see the hippos.


Gabbie’s birthday party is today – I hope to have a post up later all about it!


Breenah said...

Quinn enjoyed the zoo last time we went, but now she can make monkey noises so I bet it'll be so much fun next time we go. Maybe we can make a weekend trip up there and visit the KC zoo because I've never been!

mail4rosey said...

What a fun day, and a great group of pictures.

Happy Birthday to your Gabbie!

I'm visiting today from Super Sunday Sync. :)

Lindsay said...

Your zoo looks absolutely amazing! The chimps are precious, and so is the hippo! What a fun zoo day.