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School Work Updates and Literary Junkies Link Up

Friday, April 19, 2013

After Passover, the kids continued their work on regular school work. Gabbie is starting a unit in which she and her classmates individually research countries and present them at the International Fair. Gabbie is researching Egypt! I will share much more on that later. Recently though, she brought home her science work on the human body.

Gabbie’s Marvelous Body

Skeletal System

Muscular System

Digestive System

Nervous System

Respiratory System

Zachary has been advancing his reading and writing skills. He is working on writing sentences that include uppercase, spaces, and punctuation.

“I am going to the zoo!”

“I have a dog!”

He is also learning to follow directions about which colors to use, meaning he has to read the colors written as well as the numbers, and count to the correct picture to color it in.


I find all of these papers adorable!

What are you currently reading? Tell us about it!

I finished If I Stay and have moved on to Where She Went, both by Gayle Forman. I plan to review both together, probably next week!

Let's learn about each others Reading Habits!! Answer the following questions either with a simple answer or with lots of details! Up to you! :)

Amazon or brick and mortar? Well, I like to hold the book, but I also like the prices online, so a little of both. I actually don’t buy books all that often. I prefer trading, swapping, buying used, and the library.

Locally owned bookshop or big name chain store? Locally owned books stores are great, if there were any around!

Bookmark or dog-ear? Usually bookmarks.

Alphabetize by author or alphabetize by title or random? I organize my books by type, and I usually keep authors together, if I have more than one book by an author.

Keep, throw away, or sell? Never throw away! I keep the books I love the most. I swap, trade, give away, or pass along the rest.

Keep dust jacket or toss it? Keep it. With the kids’ books, if they have dust jackets, they usually come off, so I toss them.

Read with dust jacket or remove it? Keep it on.

Short story or novel? Novel.

Collection (short stories by same author) or anthology (short stories by different authors)? Either one. I don’t read short stories all that often, but if I do, I like for them to have some like connection between them.

Stop reading when tired or at chapter breaks? If I’m tired I will stop, but not in the middle of a paragraph or something. Sometimes it’s better not to read till the end of a chapter because the end of the chapter may be written so that you just want to continue reading!

“It was a dark and stormy night” or “Once upon a time”? I don’t know, either?

Buy or borrow? Borrow.

New or used? Used is just great with me!

Buying choice: book reviews, recommendation or browse? Lately I’ve been filling up my To Be Read list by reading other bloggers’ reviews.

Tidy ending or cliffhanger? Tidy ending.

Morning, afternoon or nighttime reading? Mostly nighttime.

Single volume or series? I read some series books, but prefer single volume.

Favorite series? Harry Potter!

Favorite book of which nobody else has heard? Hush by Eishes Chayil – which is a pen name. “Inside the closed community of Borough Park, where most Chassidim live, the rules people live by are determined by an ancient script written thousands of years ago—and abuse has never been a part of it. But when thirteen-year old Gittel learns that her best friend has suffered abuse at the hands of a family member, the adults in her community try to persuade Gittel, and themselves, that nothing happened. Forced to remain silent, Gittel begins to question everything she was raised to believe. This nuanced exploration of a complex world—one of humor, understanding, and horror—illuminates the conflict between yesterday’s traditions and today’s reality.” This book was a sad, important read.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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