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A Minute With Samantha

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Over the next few days I will be introducing a variety of moms that I have met through blogging. I asked them all a series of questions and have loved reading their answers – so I hope my blog readers enjoy them too! I am calling this series “A Mom a Minute.” Today, let’s spend a minute with Samantha from Hooah and Hiccups!


Tell us about your kids - how many, boys/girls, names, ages, etc.

My son's real name is Nolan, but everyone knows him as Bubba! I think he thinks that's his name :) He's 15 months old. 

What are your kids into right now? TV Shows, music, movies, toys, books, etc? What are their favorite things?

Bubba LOVES Elmo and Mickey Mouse. He just got a Power Wheels quad for his birthday and it's been nice enough to put it together and ride it! He loves basketball, trucks, and reading. He would have me read books to him all day if I had the patience! 

What kind of activities are your kids involved in? If they are too little for activities, what do you think you might want them involved in when they are older?

We haven't put him in any activities yet but we are hoping to start swimming lessons soon. My husband is a huge soccer fan/player so I know that will be his first sport. I would love to put him in anything and everything and let him choose what he likes best. Except wrestling, that will be a big NO for personal reasons! 

Where have you gone with your kids that you'd recommend to others? Children's museums, amusement parks, vacations?

We visited the Chicago Children's Museum when he was younger and I would love to take him back now! I'm sure any Children's Museum would be wonderful. He loves playgrounds and parks, and really anywhere where he can run around and play!

Are your kids picky eaters or do they eat whatever you make them? What are their favorites?

He is starting to get a little attitude when it comes to eating; he knows what he wants and doesn't want! His favorites are grilled cheese, hot dogs, chicken, green beans, broccoli, and anything sweet; chocolate, cookies, cake, etc.

What is your mom super power?

Taking pictures. My camera comes everywhere with me and I am constantly setting up little photo shoots and making it fun. We love incorporating toys, bubbles, and the outdoors!

What is your biggest mom challenge or struggle?

Blogging/working and being a good stay-at-home-mom. My blog is my full time job and keeps me very busy. I worry that I'm neglecting him but make sure to take time to put away the computer or phone. 

What has been your biggest surprise as a mom - something you do that you didn't think you would ever do or something you just didn't expect?

I never expected it to come so naturally to me. Bubba wasn't exactly planned or unplanned, so I was a little shocked and worried when I found out I was pregnant! I wouldn't change it for the world though, I love this kid more than I ever thought possible.

Give us some Mommy advice!

Have fun! Having a kid gives you an excuse to be a kid again. Play, laugh, be silly. Bubba loves when I get on all fours and play with him. Throw the ball, read, cook, color, etc.... do everything he does!


Don’t forget to visit Samantha at her blog! And come back for more mom minutes this week!