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A Minute With Lanaya

Friday, April 19, 2013


Over the next few days I will be introducing a variety of moms that I have met through blogging. I asked them all a series of questions and have loved reading their answers – so I hope my blog readers enjoy them too! I am calling this series “A Mom a Minute.” Today, let’s spend a minute with Lanaya from Raising Reagan!



Tell us about your kids - how many, boys/girls, names, ages, etc.

I have a very precocious 2 1/2 year old girl named Reagan. She's a blond haired, blue eyed beauty that is growing up way too fast!

What are your kids into right now? TV Shows, music, movies, toys, books, etc? What are their favorite things?

Reagan is in to everything! She absolutely loves being busy and learning something new. She loves going to the gym with me, doing craft projects and when we need some downtime her favorite movies to watch are the Tinkerbell Fairy Disney movies. Reagan knows how to make an adventure out of everything.

What kind of activities are your kids involved in? If they are too little for activities, what do you think you might want them involved in when they are older?

Reagan has taken a huge interest in sports. She loves watching them on TV with us {big sports fans in our house!} With her being so tall I am hoping that she will love playing beach volleyball like I did, but I know her dad has his heart on her becoming a professional golfer! I think he wants the endorsements from Tag watches! LOL :)

Where have you gone with your kids that you'd recommend to others? Children's museums, amusement parks, vacations?

When we lived back East I would constantly take Reagan to all the various museums that Philadelphia had to offer. One of her favorite places to go was the Please Touch Museum. It's a giant building full of activities and it's one museum you don't have to hush your kids. Now that we live in sunny California we spend a ton of our time at the zoo and at Fairytale Town where she can interact with animals and enjoy being outside.

Are your kids picky eaters or do they eat whatever you make them? What are their favorites?

When Reagan was first eating solids she pretty much ate everything. Brian and I would always comment on what a great eater she was. She still eats very well and can put down a whole artichoke by herself, but she has gotten a bit more picky about what she eats. She'll sneer at something if she doesn't know what it is but she will try it once. That's all I can ask for.

What is your mom super power?

I thought long and hard about this question. I don't think I really have one. I have too much OCD to have a super power because instead of embracing the mess she just made I'd rather clean it up. I guess I am slowly gaining the ability to let it be. Before I would constantly clean up after every mess. Now we will do it together when she is done playing.

What is your biggest mom challenge or struggle?

I pretty much answered that above. My OCD. I have an innate need to be perfect. This includes the house, the chores completed, etc. I am that mom that cleans her house before she leaves out of town for the weekend because I want to come home to a clean house. I am slowly learning to embrace that with a toddler, things can't be perfect all the time. Sometimes that mess just needs to stay there because it cracks your toddler up!

What has been your biggest surprise as a mom - something you do that you didn't think you would ever do or something you just didn't expect?

Parenting is hard work. It's even tougher if you don't talk it over with your spouse as to how you want to discipline and/or raise your child. Brian and I never planned on having children and so we never really talked about how we would raise our children. We have those talks now but I know it would have been easier had we done it before Reagan was born.

Give us some Mommy advice!

Breathe ... {something I am always telling myself to do!} She's only going to be young once.


Don’t forget to visit Lanaya at her blog! And come back for more mom minutes next week!