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A Minute With Jen

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Over the next few days I will be introducing a variety of moms that I have met through blogging. I asked them all a series of questions and have loved reading their answers – so I hope my blog readers enjoy them too! I am calling this series “A Mom a Minute.” Today, let’s spend a minute with Jen from That’s What She Read!

jen and kids 2

Tell us about your kids - how many, boys/girls, names, ages, etc.

Ryder Cash, age 5, he's wild, crazy and ALL BOY but he's also got a very sweet, thoughtful side.

Reese Josephine, age 2.5- Smart as a whip and she packs a lot of attitude and energy into a tiny body, and very emotional. She gets that part from me :)

What are your kids into right now?  TV Shows, music, movies, toys, books, etc? What are their favorite things?

Reese is obsessed with Dora. I don't know whether I should be proud that she can count to 10 in two languages or embarrassed that I obviously let her watch a lot of Dora! Ryder has recently discovered Star Wars. He has a game on his Nintendo 3DS and tells me all about what each different guy wears and what powers they have. We play light sabers quite often in our house now. We have also been on a big Play-Do kick lately, which I LOVE! Makes me feel like a kid again!

What kind of activities are your kids involved in? If they are too little for activities, what do you think you might want them involved in when they are older?

When Ryder was just 2, we enrolled him in a little wrestling league. It was small, he only had one match. This year was his third year and we noticed a huge difference in his behavior at school and his improvement. It seems as though wrestling helps him focus his energy, which makes it less likely to come out while he's in school, which is nice! He also plays t-ball in the summer. Reese is too young right now, but I will probably enroll her in the local soccer league next Spring. I'd like her to go to dance as well.

Where have you gone with your kids that you'd recommend to others? Children's museums, amusement parks, vacations?

Last summer we visited Crown Center in Kansas City and I would recommend that to anyone with kids. We took them to Lego Land and the Sea Life aquarium. There's two great hotels that are within walking distance of them. Plus, Crown Center always has a free exhibit of some kind. When we were there, it was dinosaurs. There's fun restaurants there too, including Fritz's, where your food is delivered via a train that runs along a track above your head! The kids were in heaven!

Are your kids picky eaters or do they eat whatever you make them? What are their favorites?

They are picky about trying new things, but will eat lots of versions of the things they do like. We are big fans of quesadillas at our house, so I try and mix those up with different fillings. Luckily both of them LOVE fruits, so I can always count on them eating whatever fruit we have on hand. My go to snacks and breakfasts are oatmeal and yogurt.

What is your mom super power?

Oh gosh, I wish I actually had one! Like, speed. It would really handy to be able to race around the house in fast forward and get more things down in a short amount of time! But in reality, I'd have to say my ability to make my kids laugh helps a lot. If they are upset, pouty or grouchy, I can make them smile and laugh at a joke that usually distracts them from whatever they were about to throw a fit over.

What is your biggest mom challenge or struggle?

My temper. I know I can fly off the handle and I try to take deep breaths. I have anxiety that is brought on by noise so if there is a lot going on and more than one person talking or asking for something, it's a challenge for me to keep my patience and not use a raised voice. I count to ten a lot! :)

What has been your biggest surprise as a mom - something you do that you didn't think you would ever do or something you just didn't expect?

My biggest surprise is how genuinely proud I am of my kids. I mean, I knew that I would be proud of them, but I never expected that I would be moved to tears whenever they accomplish something as simple as spelling their name, or remembering to say please and thank you to a stranger, or when I see them sing or give me the pink Starburst because they remembered it's my favorite.

Give us some Mommy advice!

I think I need to get more advice before I start giving it! Ha! But I'd say the number one advice I have benefited from following is to try hard not to compare your parenting choices to that of other moms. I think asking advice and learning from other mothers is a must, but actually comparing and worrying your child isn't measuring up will just cause you undo stress. Every child is different and all moms are different!

jen and kids

Don’t forget to visit Jen at her blog! And come back for more mom minutes this week!