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A Minute With Dawn

Monday, April 29, 2013


Over the next few days I will be introducing a variety of moms that I have met through blogging. I asked them all a series of questions and have loved reading their answers – so I hope my blog readers enjoy them too! I am calling this series “A Mom a Minute.” Today, let’s spend a minute with Dawn from Dawn’s Disaster!


Tell us about your kids - how many, boys/girls, names, ages, etc.

3.5 girls.  The Big One is 6yo, Ms. Middle is 3yo and Little Baby just turned 1yo.  A-1 is going to be 12, I placed her for adoption when I was 20.

What are your kids into right now? TV Shows, music, movies, toys, books, etc? What are their favorite things?

Tinkerbell and any Disney Princess take up a lot of my money and time!  Then again, so do Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins...

What kind of activities are your kids involved in? If they are too little for activities, what do you think you might want them involved in when they are older?

The Big One just started Girl Scouts, she’s a Daisy.  So far, both older girls want dance and gymnastic lessons.  I hope that they will have a chance to have piano lessons.  I  can teach, so it will be really easy, once we tackle the big obstacle of getting a piano.

Where have you gone with your kids that you'd recommend to others? Children's museums, amusement parks, vacations?

Mainly the Minnesota Zoo and a fun park called Chutes and Ladders.  Our zoo is great because it has fun outdoor and indoor activities all year long.  It gets mighty cold here in the winter, so having a place to go that’s fun inside (and doesn’t cost a lot), where the Beanie Babies can get their energy out is fantastic!

Are your kids picky eaters or do they eat whatever you make them? What are their favorites?

The Big One used to be open to anything.  Since seeing how picky Ms. Middle and Little Baby are, she’s rethought her opinions on food.  One likes noodles, the other two don’t.  Two like chicken, the other one doesn’t.  One likes beef, one likes to throw beef and the other doesn’t like it unless it’s a burger.  The two things they have in common are: they don’t like green beans (they’ll eat asparagus and artichokes, though) and they all DO like ice cream.

What is your mom super power?

A newly found calm when it comes to the crazy things they do.  I am fairly high strung, so it’s surprising how calm I can me when they are screwing around.

What is your biggest mom challenge or struggle?

The Hubs.  We talked about parenting a lot before we had The Big One, but it doesn’t do justice for when we’re in the situation.  He has changed his opinion on some topics and we have started to have quite different parenting ideas.  It’s give and take, but I wish he would give more!

What has been your biggest surprise as a mom - something you do that you didn't think you would ever do or something you just didn't expect?

I love my kids.  I know that sounds weird, but I didn’t think I would have kids.  When I was 20, I got pregnant.  I chose to place her for adoption because I did not like kids...and I was very unprepared to be a single mother.  So, when I met the Hubs, I told him I didn’t want kids.  He said he was open to having or not having them.  Then, we got pregnant with the Big One (I seem to get pregnant on birth control a lot).  Adoption wasn’t an option, and I was surprised when I wanted to mother her.  I was happily surprised when I loved her before she was born.

Give us some Mommy advice!

My best Mommy advice is for pregnant moms.  When you are in the hospital after having your baby, get your significant other to sneak some Taco Bell in for you.  You have to go #2 before they let you leave (or at least they really want you to).

OOh, one more thing.  Try to have your baby shower AFTER your baby is born.  Everyone wants to meet your little one, so why have your party when you’re fat and tired?  Have it when everyone can come meet your baby, hold your baby and give you a few hours break!

Don’t Forget to visit Dawn at her blog! I hope everyone has been enjoying this series so far. There are a few moms left, so stay tuned!