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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Topics–9 Things I Won’t Change My Mind On

The Austin Family Diary

We all have strong opinions on things. I know I do. I hate to get controversial or offend people, but I think some of the things I won’t change my mind on may make people upset! So if you are easily offended, I ask you to either not read further or keep in mind that my opinions are my opinions.

  1. I don’t believe in outlawing circumcision. I am Jewish and we have a religious ceremony called a brit milah on the 8th day of a baby boy’s life. I don’t know if I would circumcise my baby if I was not Jewish, but because I am Jewish my boys have a bris. I do not believe circumcision is abuse and I am offended by anti-circumcision advocates who say that it is.
  2. I breastfeed my babies. I believe that breastfeeding is best for babies and although I know there are many reasons people do not breastfeed, I don’t think “I didn’t want to” is a good excuse for not trying it. Also, breastfeeding shouldn’t be considered nudity.

  3. I cannot come to terms with the fact that I had 3 c-sections. I believe my body failed me. When I tell people I had 3 c-sections I always say “not by choice.”
  4. I believe in Israel’s right to exist. I believe that the Jewish people have a right to live in Israel and defend themselves from their enemies.
  5. Because I am Jewish, there are holidays I don’t celebrate.
  6. I feel that in America’s voting system, my individual vote for president is insignificant.
  7. You should never ask a woman if she is pregnant or how far along she is unless she says “I am pregnant.”

  8. You are never too old or too young for Disney World!
  9. I will never stop loving my husband and my kids!

Next week my Tuesday Topics will probably be going up on Wednesday night due to me celebrating Passover!


ShaunaQ said...

I am such a big proponent of breastfeeding! Breastfeed all my kids. The first one for two years and the third for the same.

I almost picked Disneyland being the happiest place on earth as one of my nine!

And I completely agree with Israel's right to exist.

I tried not to get controversial but I had a hard time thinking about things for this one and what direction I wanted to go in!

Raising Reagan said...

I am right there with you on our vote. It seems like we don't get a say at all ~ it's still left to the politicians.

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Rachel said...

I actually didn't know that there was any talk of outlawing circumcision! That's crazy. I also believe that Israel has a right to exist!

And I can't wait to someday go to Disneyworld. I'm not too old!!

ty said...

#4. yes yes yes yes yes.

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

I agree with you on so many of these! I especially agree with you in the voting, it is so depressing!

Janine Huldie said...

Love that last one and will say that my first born would not latch and ended up having colic so all said and told she needed hypo-allergenic formula, which to be honest I am still a bit sensitive when people who did breastfeed make it like I failed because I could not in the end breastfeed. I truly had all good intentions to, but then couldn't because of both these issues. With my second child, i felt like since I couldn't for my first, I didn't want to try, because I would be giving her something I couldn't for Emma. Still have a ton of guilt over that one believe me. I guess no matter what we have our own mommy guilt. I was able to have natural childbirth both times, but the breastfeeding is still the thorn in my side.

Holly Higgins said...

#4 Yes, yes, yes!

#7 I was 9 months pregnant when this lady in my sorority alumni group was sitting next to me and asked me who in our group was pregnant. When I told her it was me, she said that she thought I was just big. Um. what? I wanted to slap her!

#8 Yes! I visited Disney World for the first time at the age of 29 and was still super excited to ride Space Mountain :-)

Jennifer said...

As I read your blog, I realize more and more how much we have in common. I agree with everything you wrote here! I don't understand the women who say, It's weird or whatever when it comes to breastfeeding. I still breastfeed my soon to be 1 yr old, Emma.

NEVER TOO OLD FOR DISNEY! In fact, it's more fun when you're older! LOL

Natalie Hinkley said...

Love this post! And I love when people get opinionated! :) I get soo bored with all the people trying to be PC out there. Say how you feel, lets have a dialogue about it! Too many people would rather unfollow people with possibly differing opinions rather than respectfully disagree, I don't understand it. That being said, LOL to #7 and I 100% agree with #1. I don't know enough about the other #s to comment.. :)

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

I'm excited/nervous to start my breast feeding journey in just a few short weeks. I hope it works!

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

I don't think you need to apologise for having strong opinions we are all different and it would be boring if we all agreed. I know what you mean about the c sections, I'm better about it now but I still want to hit people who mention the word easy and c section in the same sentence. Being true to the God you believe in is far more important than someone's opinion although the word abuse, as a parent, stings. I did read once that on the 8th day of a child's life their pain tolerance is at its highest, I think the creator if human life may just know that ;)

April @ 100lbcountdown said...

Having strong opinions, especially about your faith, is really what faith is all about! If you aren't steadfast in your opinion, you likely aren't that faithful.

I'm about to have my fourth c-section. I don't feel that my body failed me. I feel that it is a blessing considering (1) I've had very few other complications during the rest of my pregnancies and have had two completely healthy babies! (2) If we were not blessed with the ability to have c-sections, we would've likely died in the process of childbirth and never been able to hold the precious little ones that we carried for nine months.

Great post! Cruising by from Favorite Post Tuesday Topics!

Dara said...

I'm sure in some cases c-sections do save lives. In mine, I don't think my 1st was necessary and because of that one I've had the other 2. I wish I'd had more of a chance with my first to really get to the point where I knew there was no other way she was coming out.

Dara said...

I don't think that your body did fail you! I guess I'd have to clarify further that I tried for a vbac two times and the 2nd time I probably would have been able to succeed IF I had dilated past 5 cm (which was better than the other two births when I only got to 2). so I think my body failed me in not dilating when it was supposed to. the rest of it was the doctors faults!