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Thursday, March 28, 2013

March Cara Box Reveal

Cara Box

This was my second month participating in the Cara Box exchange run by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals. This is such a fun swap because each month has a theme that you use to fill your swap box for your partner. This month’s theme was “My Name Is…” and the idea was to send items beginning with the first letter of our partner’s name. I sent to Andrea and the letter A wasn’t too hard to work with! I was curious to see what my partner would send me with the letter D, but I didn’t think too hard about it because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise!

The person who sent to me was Holly. Somehow or another we managed to get to chatting via email since we met via this swap and I now consider her a great friend! I wrote her probably the longest email ever and she really understands what I was writing about. We have so much in common and I feel honored to know her.

I was very excited to receive my box! When I opened it, I found this lovely paper hiding what was inside, but I of course read the description and card enclosed!


And here are my goodies:


  • Dove Chocolates
  • Dominoes
  • Dolphin Cross Stitch
  • Disney Stickers
  • Dressed to Kill Nail Polish
  • “D” Notecards
  • Damask Mug – which I then realized matches the paper!

One of my first thoughts was that I would be sharing some of these goodies with my daughter – hey that starts with D too! What actually happened is that I ate a lot of chocolate. (I did share!) And my son confiscated the dominoes! All 3 kids have been playing with them ever since. I’m not sharing the Disney stickers though!

Thanks so much for everything Holly!

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Jennifer said...

What a great box you got! Love it.

Holly Higgins said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I was wondering if you'd catch that the paper was also a "D" item :-) We must chat soon!

Hanna said...

This looks super fun!!!

You have been on my mind a lot lately! Your kindness, your support. I am super grateful for you Dara. Thank you!
I don;t have too much time to return comments these days but I read and I am grateful for you:) xoxoxo

Libby said...

You got some great items! I enjoyed this swap this month too. My package arrived as well and I enjoyed it. I've got one chocolate truffle left. :-)

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

What a wonderful box of gifts. Very thoughtful. :)

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

i love this month's theme!

Sara Bell- The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher said...

That's a really cute idea! I am an S which is probably pretty easy. I think this could be a really fun idea for kids' birthdays. I think I just might have to do something like this but which the number of their age! =]

Miss Angie said...

That is such a fun package!

♥ Miss Angie
My So-Called Chaos