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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flashback Feature #18–Mark’s Wedding

Today’s Flashback Feature post is only going back months rather than years – to October, just about exactly 4 months ago. Today I’m finally sharing some of my brother’s professional wedding pictures – all photos are by Adam Nash Photography.

The lovely couple:


My brother and my parents:

AN2_3218  AN2_3237

Some of my favorite pictures from the ceremony:


And the pictures of my little family:

Walking down the aisle with my grandmother

Gabbie walking down

Gabbie watching the ceremony

My kids being my kids

Everyone together

Me and my brother

Simon and Zachary being silly

Zachary with his new aunt

4 generations of ladies

Group picture – minus Simon, he was sleeping!


Breenah said...

LOVE the picture of them in the tree!

Tracy said...

Did she climb a tree in her wedding dress? IMPRESSIVE!

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

Aww, the one in tree is so beautiful. All of them are amazing! They make a beautiful couple.

Hanna said...

Beautiful photos Dara!!! Love seeing your family!!!

Mark Papier said...

For all those wondering... yes, we did climb the tree all dressed up! We had the whole wedding party hoist the bride up, and then i jumped up after. The only casualty was a button on my tux jacket while jumping down, which we remedied by putting a pin from one of the flowers through it until we could get back to a needle and thread later on! Totally worth it.

Libby said...

These are a great set of photos, Dara. I especially enjoy the first photo. Unique!