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Tuesday Topics – 8 TV Shows

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Austin Family Diary
These are the shows that I used to watch, followed by the shows that I still watch. Many of the shows I watch are going off the air this season (or already did). I need find some shows that I can continue watching and aren’t just going to end! Some of my favorite shows:
  1. 90210. I mean the original. This show was on when I was in junior high, high school, and into college. It holds a ton of memories for me. I do watch the new version and I like it well enough. It’s certainly not the original though!  I loved Dylan! Who remembers what song was playing in Dylan’s car the first time he and Brenda broke up?? I know I do!

  2. ER. I didn’t start watching this show till after its first season or two, but when I did I was hooked. Dave and I used to watch the older episodes every Saturday night on “ER Theater” which started at 12 AM. We also watched all the new episodes. My favorite character was Abby. I was so annoyed when she didn’t end up with Carter. And when Marc Greene died – that had to be one of the saddest character deaths ever!

  3. Friends. I don’t think I started watching this one at the beginning either. I did watch it often throughout college and after Dave and I got married. I like watching it while I’m running at the gym! I actually like the later episodes better than the old ones, which doesn’t usually happen with shows that are on forever! I love how it all turned out. I loved that episode they did where things were different but they all ended up the same in the end anyway. I usually relate all situations to things that happened on Friends!

  4. Lost. The funny thing about Lost is that Dave wanted to watch it and I didn’t. But I’m the one who got totally into it and watched it all the way through that awful final season where they don’t explain anything that happened even thought they said they would. I loved everything about Lost – all the connections, the character backgrounds, the crazy stuff on the island like Desmond living in the hatch, the time travel, the things hidden in the show, the couples fated to be together…really everything except the fact that they never told us what really was going on. And no it wasn’t purgatory. They weren’t dead the whole time, even though they most likely were in the last season. OK?

  5. Grey’s Anatomy. Once again I didn’t watch this show from the first season, but I probably got into it around Season 2. I love it and love the characters, especially Meredith and Derek! They are so meant to be together.

  6. Private Practice. I obviously started watching Private Practice as soon as it came out because it was a spin off of Grey’s. Gotta love spin offs. Honestly it’s gotten better over time and the last few episodes have been very well done. Unfortunately I think there’s only about 2 episodes left.

  7. The Lying Game. The 2nd season of the Lying Game just started. I got into it by watching episodes on Hulu, quickly caught up, and started watching it as it aired last year. It’s about twin sisters who most people don’t realize are twins – they think there is only one of them – and the big secret behind their birth and life. It’s also a book series, but I think the books are different from the show.

  8. Once Upon a Time. I just started watching this on Netflix. I wanted more shows to watch since many of mine are ending this season (well Private Practice and Fringe, which I don’t really like anyway) and I’d heard this one was good. So far I love it! I’m pretty much addicted to watching it! I love the background stories of the characters and I love seeing their counterparts in the “real world.” There are also a lot of Lost connections on the show! I think I’ve watched about half of the first season. Once that’s done I’ll have to see how I can watch the second season until I’m all caught up!

There are many other shows that I used to watch that have ended – like Dawson’s Creek and Gilmore Girls – both great shows! But I don’t watch as many shows that are on currently as I used to. Whenever I start a new series, it seems to end (such as The Event and Off The Map). I guess if anyone has any suggestions for me I’d probably listen because I love a good series! Tell me your favorite show that’s on TV currently – and based on the shows I’ve posted here, tell me if you think I’d like it!