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Simon In The Snow

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remember the other day when I said I didn’t have any pictures of Simon in the snow? And also that there was no snow in the forecast? Well, there are some flurries out right now and Simon decided he wanted to go outside. He wanted to wear snow pants and boots (but we didn’t have any in his size) and he wanted to walk.


Just after this picture, he started crying hysterically that his hands were cold and he wanted to go home. So we headed back the two blocks we’d just walked and he cried the whole time, making me feel like an awful Mommy for letting him go outside – like it was my idea in the first place (no, it was not). When we got in the house he collapsed onto the floor dramatically until I guess he was warm enough to get up and head to the couch and demand the TV again. I really am the best mom ever.

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