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School Updates and Preparatory Curriculum Week 8

Friday, January 11, 2013

After winter break, Simon’s preschool introduced a new classroom for the kids who are 3 and turning 4, thereby splitting them off from the kids who are 2 and turning 3. Because of that, Simon was moved up from the toddler room (ages 1 and turning 2) to the 2 and turning 3 room. He is the youngest in the class now instead of the oldest, but I think that is a good thing. I am happy with the change for a few reasons – there may be more of a curriculum in the new classroom, his two closest friends are in his new classroom, and his teacher is the one who takes all the pictures of the kids! So after Simon’s first day in his new classroom, I got to see all of these wonderful pictures of him!

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Yes his hat was covering his eyes! I don’t know how he was able to see!


The Letter of the Week Preparatory Curriculum Week 8 theme was “sun.” Since Simon loves stickers so much, he decorated the sun picture with sun stickers. We introduced the star shape last time, but this week we were supposed to color it yellow. Since it was already colorful, the yellow is hard to see! Speaking of hard to see, Simon totally colored his letter H so that it practically disappeared! The number was 8, obviously, and the rhyme doesn’t match the theme at all, which sort of bothers me!

DSCN1645Apparently this is how he likes to color!

Gabbie has to do a “reading reflection” (aka a book report) every week. She loves to read so the challenge is getting her to write something about the book she is currently reading. Each month, one of the books has to be a certain type of book and this month’s theme is biography of a woman. On Wednesday, Gabbie brought home Helen Keller: Courage in the Dark by Johanna Hurwitz from the school library. She loved the book so much that she couldn’t stop talking about it and did her book report immediately! She answered 3 of the questions instead of just 1! I was so proud of her.

“I learned really anyone could do anything even if you have a problem. I am surprised that Helen learned so much even though she is blind. There is a lesson in this story to always reach for your goals and never give up.”

“I have a text-to-text connection. It is that in Jeremy’s Dreidl he makes a dreidl for blind people because his father is blind and in the book that I read they copied it in Braille.” (Not sure what she means by “copied it in Braille,” but ok!) Then she writes the Braille alphabet and the last line is her name in Braille letters!

No updates on Zachary this week – but I just want to say that he can read Hebrew! He is awesome at it. He is also doing great at recognizing high frequency words. Last week he sat next to me while I was reading and pointed out all the words he knew inside my book! I am very proud of him too!