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January Instagram Photos

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I haven’t shared Instagram photos in while, except of course on Instagram! Most of the past months’ photos are of Simon doing his thing. I took so many pictures of him playing he started telling me to take a picture of him!


1. Almost clean counter top – Gabbie leaves her stuff everywhere. 2. Blog post calendar. 3. Simon drawing on the Doodle Pro. 4. Simon drawing on the Doodle Pro while holding his horse.


1. The kids outside Cabela’s. 2. Fake animals at Cabela’s. 3. Same as 2. 4. The kids inside a huge tent.


1. From the upper level at Cabela’s. 2. Simon playing with beans. 3. My new ring – reset the diamonds from a ring my Grandma left me. 4. Zachary and his bff being silly.


1. Zachary and bff1 and bff2. 2. My awesome Goodwill find – Lego Creationary for $2. It’s a game but it’s great just for all the pieces! 3. My knitting. 4. Simon sitting in a box with a blanket on him.


1. Very dark picture of Rudy. 2. Simon playing with the tea cups. 3. Simon standing on a pile of cards from a matching game. 4. Simon surrounded by cards from another matching game.


1. Gabbie is finally able to knit without help. 2. Simon playing with a lego car. 3. The kids at the yogurt place. 4. Simon and the Doodle Pro.


1. My Kermit hat. 2. Dave teasing this monkey who I love – he was making kissy faces at us too! 3. Gabbie and Zachary in the Discovery Barn at the zoo – don’t know what was with Zachary! 4. Simon in a box. And with his hair in a pink ponytail.


1. Simon peaking through the doors. 2. Awesome ring I got in the mail – I won it in a giveaway a long time ago but I’m not sure who it came from! I love it though! (even though it turns my finger green)

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