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Hanukkah Night 6

Friday, December 14, 2012

** Most of this entry was written before the news of the school shooting in Connecticut. I didn’t want to publish it without acknowledgment of this tragedy, especially because I keep thinking of my own kindergartner and his class. The victims and their families are certainly in my mind today.**

Since we moved to Kansas 3 years ago, our friends have invited us to their family Hanukkah party. It’s almost like we’re part of the family! At the party, almost everyone lights a menorah, so when they are all lit together it is beautiful! I have been trying to take pictures of lit menorahs this week and I practiced a bit more last night.

DSCN1601 DSCN1603 DSCN1606 DSCN1608

I also finally got a picture of our menorah outside our house!


As far as presents for the 6th night, this was the night I decided to give the kids their non-toy presents.

Gabbie got a lamp for her room. She has been wanting a lamp and earlier in the day she actually asked me if I was going to give her a lamp! However, she was more excited about her other gift, a personalized calendar from Shutterfly.


Simon had played most of the day with his Magnetic A to Z book from the 4th night of Hanukkah as well as his present from the 5th night, which he loved after I added the batteries!

 DSCN1572 DSCN1581

So I was thinking he wouldn’t be happy with his new water bottle.

But he is easy to please and he was happy!

Zachary on the other hand was not happy with his new backpack. He hid it under the table so I couldn’t take a picture of it. But I took one later. Hopefully he will grow to like it!


The kids also received gifts from our friends at their party! They each got craft sets. Simon was so funny – he asked us to open his and we said no because we were going home for bedtime. So he said “Maybe Zachary open it.” and went to try to get Zachary to do it!

Throughout the week, the kids have brought home more Hanukkah projects.DSCN1575 DSCN1577 DSCN1578 DSCN1579
Projects by Gabbie

Dreidel painted by Zachary

DSCN1618Doughnut to Mom and Dad, Happy Hanukkah, with love, Zachary

May the last two days of Hanukkah be sweet and light for all.