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Teacher's Gifts

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Like I mentioned previously, the kids finished school last week. I was inspired (by Pinterest of course) to be a little creative with the end of the year gifts for our teachers! Gabbie's 3 teachers and Simon's teacher all got this:
 My inspiration came from Our Life In A Click. I got the cups at Walmart.
I bought a few different drink mixes. The balls are ice cubes that I found at World Market.
We matched the ice balls with the cups and fit everything in.
Then we made tags.
They were printed from Dimple Prints.
We punched holes in the tags and attached them to the straws, doing the same with Starbucks gift cards.
We also included these questionnaires about our teachers from Busy Kids = Happy Mom. The teachers really enjoyed these - especially the part about how old they are! (My kids guessed young!)
While Gabbie and I made our gifts, the boys played with their new water table!
Simon says hi!
Zachary's teacher got a different present because she already has a cup like these that I see her drinking her green smoothies out of! Plus, she did so amazing with Zachary this year that I felt like she deserved something even more special. I found a lunch bag and container at World Market and I filled it with a few different fruits plus a gift card to a local food market. I also wrote a letter thanking her for the great job she did with Zachary this year!

In case any of our teachers see this, we hope you enjoyed the gifts and know that we were so happy to have you as our teachers this year!