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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is so much easier taking Gabbie to the dentist than it is to take Zachary. I am sincerely hoping that Simon will follow Gabbie's lead in having zero cavities by the age of 5 3/4 - unlike Zachary, who had 8 at the age of 2.  The last time Zachary went to the dentist, he had to have a root canal due to falling on his tooth and developing an abcess.  We had the choice to do the root canal or remove the tooth. Needless to say, I did not attend that dental appointment! (Daddy did the job of holding down a fighting child while his tooth was fixed).

As for Gabbie, she had her teeth, minus the missing 2 on the bottom, cleaned today. The no cavity report eases my mind for the time being, although the xrays frighten me. There does not appear to be very much room for those new adult teeth to come through. The top two look to be sitting crookedly as well. The dentist also says she has a cross bite, which will need to be fixed.

When I was 8, I had braces on just my front two teeth, followed by braces on my front four teeth. Once my teeth were next to each other again, there was the matter of my overbite.  I then had braces again on my entire mouth from 7th-9th grade. (I got my braces removed the day after I got over the chicken pox at the age of 14). I don't wish this on my children!

Gabbie, however, says that if she has to get "bracelets," she will get Rebecca (the American Girl doll) "bracelets" as well. And all will be happy in the land of Gabbie.