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Guess Who Was in the Newspaper?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gabbie wears a uniform to school which consists of pink, maroon, light blue, or white shirts with collars or turtle necks (Gabbie calls them frog necks) and blue, black, or khaki bottoms. They have monthly "go green"days where they bring in recyclables and wear a green shirt and jeans. (Actually, every child is receiving a free Holchim Yarok shirt from the school - for which we had to print and return paper forms - what about email if we're going green?) Tomorrow they are supposed to wear red for Drug Free week. And about 2 weeks ago they had Pink For the Cure Day. The kindergartners had their picture taken and this week they appeared in the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle (which I now have a free 6 month subscription to thanks to the Shalom Baby program)!

(Gabbie in the square)