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30 Things I Was Thankful For In November

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


In November, I pushed myself to make a list of things I was grateful for. My goal was to come up with one thing per day. Because I started writing this list in the middle of the month, the beginning of the list isn’t exactly in order by date, but I still succeeded in creating a list of 30 things I was thankful for in November. Here it is.

1. Chocolate and cake on my birthday.


2. Gabbie’s scoliosis appointment went well.

3. Dave did carpool for me when I was at that appointment.

4. I like my mascara.

5. We were invited to see School of Rock with our friends.

6. I received a generous birthday gift from a friend.

7. I got good feedback on this post.

8. I attended a women’s event in memory of my friend who passed away.

9. Women at the event shared about their experiences with infertility.

10. I received clothes from Gymboree and Crazy 8 in exchange for Instagram photos.


11. Election Day results.

12. I saw a deer while taking pictures.


13. Starbucks replaced my birthday reward which I was not able to use on my actual birthday.

14. Billy Joel on Sirius radio.

15. I bought a journal and erasable pens to use as a bullet / gratitude journal.

16. One of my pictures was featured by an Instagram account:


17. Dogs, doughnuts, and babies.

18. We went to a large party to celebrate a new baby in our community.

19. My father taught me to understand football when I was a kid.

20. I realized I was mistaken about the possibility I could not meet Tony Goldwyn after his show.

21. We had fun at the Museum of Illusions.

22. I met two of my great-nieces.


23. We saw our good friends.

24. We saw our other good friends.

25. I met Tony Goldwyn.

26. My brother-in-law’s bagel store.


27. We had a place to stay after our flight home was canceled.

28. We made it home.

29. My husband.

30. Gabbie and Zachary went on a youth group trip to Omaha.

I realized some of the things I was thankful for were things that we did or that happened on specific days, and some were more general things I’m thankful for! What are you thankful for today?


10 Favorite Pictures of 2018

Monday, December 10, 2018


This month’s topic for 10 on the 10th with Simple Purposeful Living is 10 Favorite Pictures From 2018. This was the same topic we did last December and I think this year it will be even harder to choose just 10 pictures because I really worked hard on my photography, plus had so many great experiences this year! But I have to try!


Arkansas – Crystal Bridges Art Museum


Picture taken for the 52 Frames theme “details”


Picture taken for the 52 Frames theme “golden hour”


Zachary at iFly


Picture taken for 52 Frames theme “guess what it is”




Sunset in Idaho


Picture taken for 52 Frames theme “portrait”


Picture taken for 52 Frames theme “wabi sabi”


Picture taken for 52 Frames theme “macro”

There are so many others I could have included here! Which is your favorite?



What I’ve Been Reading #188–For Better And Worse

Friday, December 7, 2018


I received this book from TLC Book Tours in exchange for my review.

41ApWb wBFL._SL250_While For Better and Worse by Margot Hunt was upsetting for me as I have a son the same age as the boy in the book, I loved the story and couldn’t put the book down. It addresses how far a parent will go for their child and how a family reacts in the face of a crisis.

“On their first date back in law school, Natalie and Will Clarke bonded over drinks, dinner and whether they could get away with murder. Now married, they’ll put the latter to the test when an unchecked danger in their community places their son in jeopardy. Working as a criminal defense attorney, Nat refuses to rely on the broken legal system to keep her family safe. She knows that if you want justice…you have to get it yourself. Shocked to discover Nat’s taken matters into her own hands, Will has no choice but to dirty his, also. His family is in way too deep to back down now. He’s just not sure he recognizes the woman he married. Nat’s always been fiercely protective, but never this ruthless or calculating. With the police poking holes in their airtight plan, what will be the first to fall apart: their scandalous secret—or their marriage?”

The copy of the book I received had a different description on the back of the book which explained more about the “unchecked danger” in the community. I am not sure if now the issue is considered a spoiler! What I can tell you is that someone Natalie and Will considered a friend is accused of something unexpected and disturbing. Natalie, as a criminal defense attorney, is not willing to trust the system to deal with him. Her plans are perfect, until they aren’t. As the family members deal with the alleged crime, the true nature of the broken legal system comes to light.

The ending of this book was surprising in a few ways and I truly loved it! If you have the chance to read this one, I highly recommend it.

What have you been reading lately? I have a few more recent reads to share soon!


Scenes From NYC–The High Line and 9/11 Museum

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Scenes From NYC–The High Line and 9/11 Museum

While we were in NJ for Thanksgiving, we also visited New York City. On Sunday, just Dave and I went while the kids hung out with various family members. On Monday, we all went.

Dave and I visited the High Line, which I also visited on my NYC trip in 2017. It looks a lot different there now in the winter than it did then in the spring – a lot less flowers!


Dave and I went to see the Broadway show Network starring Bryan Cranston, Tatiana Maslany, and Tony Goldwyn. You probably remember I’m a big fan of Tony which is why I wanted to see his play. This is from before the show started:


I did get to meet him after the show! He took the time to talk to me too, which was very cool.

When we went to the city with the kids, we visited the 9/11 Museum. I think Gabbie and Zachary appreciated the museum but it was a little much for Simon. It was difficult to relive the events of the day through the museum.

View from Jersey City, where we got on the train to NYC.

Inside the Oculus.

Outside the Oculus:


The memorial:


Inside the museum:

DSC_9200  DSC_9201

The kids liked writing messages that showed up on this world map.


We spent more time that day in NYC but it was pouring rain and I didn’t take any more pictures!