Friday, December 19, 2014

What I’ve Been Reading #69

I love Becky Bloomwood! When I heard that Sophie Kinsella had released a new Shopaholic book – Shopaholic To The Stars – I quickly added my name to the waiting list at the library and I was so excited when I got the email that my copy was available! “Sophie Kinsella returns to her beloved Shopaholic series with Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) newly arrived in Hollywood and starry-eyed. She and her two-year-old daughter, Minnie, have relocated to L.A. to join Becky’s husband, Luke, who is there to handle PR for famous actress Sage Seymour. Becky can’t wait to start living the A-list lifestyle, complete with celebrity sightings, yoga retreats, and shopping trips to Rodeo Drive. But she really hopes to become a personal stylist—Sage’s personal stylist—if only Luke would set up an introduction. Then, unexpectedly, Becky is offered the chance to dress Sage’s archrival, and though things become a bit more complicated, it’s a dream come true! Red carpet premieres, velvet ropes, paparazzi clamoring for attention—suddenly Becky has everything she’s ever wanted. Or does she?” It seems to me that Becky has matured a lot since the start of the series, at least when it comes to her shopaholic tendencies. But she is still the funny, fun, and interesting character that she has always been, surrounded by her husband Luke and best friend Suze, continuing to get herself into messes that are funny and entertaining to read. Many people were unhappy with the ending of this one, which leaves one of the main story lines open for another sequel, but I was actually happy that another book would follow! Becky is a character that you can either love or hate, and I choose to love her!

Have you read anything fun lately?

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pre-Hanukkah Celebrations


This past weekend was not yet Hanukkah, but we had two celebrations to attend! The first was at our synagogue, and then later on, we went to Spin 1000 at the Jewish Community Center. This was in part a celebration to try to break the world record for spinning the most dreidels in one place at the same time!

The boy in the red and grey stripes is Zachary! At the first celebration, we started out by decorating cookies.

DSCN0816DSCN0818DSCN0820  DSCN0822DSCN0825

There were dreidels and latkes.


Then Simon’s class sang and Zachary’s did a play! Simon was so cute because at first he did not want to participate, but then he got brave and did!


At Spin 1000, Gabbie’s Performance Team danced.


Simon met Latke the Lion.

DSCN0855  DSCN0856

Zachary searched the Israel map, then the kids enjoyed meeting the puppets from the Herschel and the Hanukkah Goblins play. Simon thought they were hilarious!

DSCN0857  DSCN0867DSCN0868   DSCN0869DSCN0871  DSCN0872

Next it was time to spin the dreidels!

DSCN0873  DSCN0874DSCN0876DSCN0878DSCN0880DSCN0881DSCN0882DSCN0883  DSCN0884

Stay tuned for another Hanukkah themed post later in the holiday! Happy Hanukkah to those who are celebrating!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We Do Mitzvot

A mitzvah (plural: mitzvot) is generally translated to mean “good deed.” I have been so proud of my kids this year for going every Sunday with Dave to deliver food via the Meals on Wheels program. They have enjoyed seeing the people that they deliver food to, and it seems like the recipients enjoy seeing the kids too. Both Gabbie and Zachary have recently gone on Mitzvah Trips with school. Gabbie’s trip was to a local nursing home, where she and her class sang songs to the residents. They visited one woman in particular who cried when they finished singing. Gabbie was very proud to share this with me!

Zachary’s trip was to the grocery store to purchase food and then to the food pantry to deliver the food. The class saved their money so that each kid had $23 to use – or as Zachary told me, it was actually $46 because they worked in pairs. Zachary emptied our large tzedakah (charity) box to bring in the money that was inside. Each day the class counted up their money and they were so excited to use it to shop at the store. The two 2nd graders were pairs with an older student in 6th grade to do their shopping.

large_photo249586_2635375  large_photo249586_2635434large_photo249586_2635516

The kids seemed to get a lot of out the trip! Next, we are planning to go through all of our toys and donate the ones we don’t use anymore. The kids are excited to do this, but I’m concerned that there will be fights over what we are keeping and what we are donating! I will let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It’s Okay #51

It’s okay…

…that Hanukkah starts tonight! My kids are a little overly excited and I hope they aren’t disappointed!

…that I still haven’t set up my iPhone 6. I plan to do so today!

…that one of my Shutterfly calendars hasn’t come yet – I think my mailman is just too lazy to get out of the truck and put it on the steps because they don’t fit in the mailbox.

…that Zachary is having educational testing today and tomorrow. I think he’s improved a lot lately, but I’m glad we’re taking this step. I was so proud of him for writing this:


…that this is a pretty busy week for us!

Hope yours is good!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Gabbie’s Winter Showcase

On Thursday night, Gabbie’s dance school held their first ever Winter Showcase. In the past, parents have been invited to attend their child’s dance class for Parent Watch Week, but this year we got to see all the classes perform on stage. The show was shorter than it is at the spring recital, but just as exciting and fun to watch.This year, Gabbie remains on Performance Team, and is also taking Tap and Ballet. For the Showcase, her 3rd and 4th grade class combined with the 5th and 6th grade class to perform a ballet dance. Unfortunately, my camera died after I took two pictures, so some of this is from my phone!

Gabbie and friends from Performance Team ready to watch the show.

Performance Team dance – Gabbie is on the left end.

Performance Team video. (It’s just the end, I am sure I’ll have a better video of this dance at some point as they will perform it often this year!)

Ballet Dance – Gabbie is in the middle, 3rd from the right.

Ballet video.


I love watching Gabbie dance!