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My First Stitch Fix

Monday, September 25, 2017

My First Stitch Fix

After months of going back and forth on whether I should order a Stitch Fix box, I finally did so this month! I went back and forth because I usually don’t spend a lot on my clothing and nice clothes tend to fit me weirdly. I did lose some weight since I first thought about getting a Stitch Fix box, so I decided it was time. I liked the idea of choosing one item from the box to keep, unless there was more than one item that I loved! The way Stitch Fix works is that you fill out a style profile, including your tastes and sizes, and you pay a $20 styling fee when you request your box. You can also leave detailed notes on what you are looking for. Your stylist sends you your 5 pieces, along with ideas on how to style them. Your styling fee is applied to whatever you purchase from your box, so you definitely want to keep something so you don’t lose that fee! If you’ve never tried it and you sign up using my referral link, I will get a credit – so thanks in advance!


In my note to my stylist, I mentioned that I have a few holidays coming up for which I will need to dress nicely. My stylist, Rachel, made a note of this and enclosed a top, a skirt, 2 dresses, and a jacket. The items could be paired together or on their own.


The first item I tried on was the Renee C Leena Printed Skirt. This skirt is definitely my style. It was long enough, the colors can match with many things, and it was comfortable!

DSC_0331  DSC_0333


As Rachel mentioned in her note, the Skies Are Blue Kirt Scallop Trim Lace Blouse paired nicely with the skirt. I really liked this top. The style and fit worked for me, aside for possibly the tie, which I didn’t love. I also didn’t love the price tag, which was a little steep for me.

DSC_0334  DSC_0336


I also very rarely wear sleeveless shirts without something over them, so I added the Lila Ryan Avianna Cropped Denim Jacket to the outfit. This makes the look a little more casual, in my opinion. I already own a denim jacket and I knew that I would not be keeping this one. It was also slightly too big for me, especially in the sleeve length.



Next, I tried on the THML Roonie Embroidered Dress. At first glance, I really liked this dress, especially the embroidery. I wasn’t a fan of the neckline though, so much so that I didn’t even take a picture of it without the denim jacket layered on top! The dress was also a bit too short for my liking.



Finally, the 41Hawthorn Renesme Geo Cube Jersey Faux Wrap Dress was a style I really liked. I wanted it to work so badly, but unfortunately it was too tight across my extra large sized chest. I even took a close up photo to remind myself why it didn’t work for me.


So, if you didn’t guess, I decided to keep the Leena Printed Skirt! If I had unlimited money, I likely would have also kept the Kirt Scallop Trim Lace Blouse as well. What do you think of my box and the item that I kept?


I’ll Show You My…Back To School

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


This month’s topic for the “I’ll Show You My…” Link Up is “Back To School.” We’ve been back at school for a month now, so I thought I’d use this post to talk about what each of my kids are doing at school this year.



Gabbie is in 7th grade. 7th grade was one of my worst years at school and I’m so glad that things seem to be going well for Gabbie so far this year. She is taking Algebra I, Computers, English, Hebrew, Jewish Studies, Art, Science, Social Studies, Tanakh (Bible), and Mentoring, which is when the class gets together for various topic discussions and activities. Her lowest grade right now is an 88 in Tanakh and her highest is a 101 in Science.

Her social calendar is very busy this year because the kids in her class are having their bar / bat mitzvahs. Gabbie was one of the first to have hers, not because she’s the oldest, but because it is our custom that girls have theirs at 12 instead of 13.  Gabbie also keeps busy with dance classes – tap, ballet, lyrical, and competition team, plus she is an assistant in a tap/ballet class for younger kids.



Zachary is in 5th grade. For the first time since he was in 2nd grade, he is not receiving extra help for reading and writing. He has been on target with reading for awhile now, but writing is still difficult. At this point, he is doing much better with spelling but needs to remember how to correctly write sentences and paragraphs! This year, Zachary is playing the clarinet. He plays tennis, but he says he doesn’t want to anymore. He likes when he can get home on time after school and just chill.



Simon is in 2nd grade. While his reading is on target for his grade level, he does seem to have similar issues with writing to the ones Zachary has. His teacher has not requested a meeting about it yet, but I’m sure it will come up soon. His Hebrew teacher mentioned that she sometimes helps him write things down as long as he knows the answers, which he does! Simon does 100 Mile Club and in October he will start Lego Club as well.

How is school going for your kids?

If you wrote a post about Back To School, link it up here!

Next month, you can join us on the 3rd Wednesday of the month (October 18) to show us your Fall Activities! Here is our list of topics:


I won’t be online for the next few days due to the Rosh Hashanah holiday, so I’ll see you back here next week!


Changes I’ve Made To My Blog

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I know some of you have noticed and commented on the changes I made to my blog. I wanted to share the things I changed because I did it all myself solely by googling and finding instructions for the things I wanted to change. I did think about paying for someone else to redesign my site, but I didn’t want to completely change everything because I like my color scheme, plus I know how to do some basics on my own so I didn’t feel I needed to spend the money. Here are the changes I made and where I found the instructions on how to make those changes.


1. Sidebar:

I removed a bunch of the things on my sidebar, including ads that never generate any income. They just serve as clutter. I also added a background color on my sidebar titles. [Tutorial]. Finally, I changed my photo and the text about myself.


I also had a line going down the middle of my page in between the main text and the sidebar. I wanted more white space, so I removed it. This post shows how to add a line, so I found it in my template and removed it.

2. Post Layout:

I decided I wanted my date header to come after the title of the post. I found how to do that here. I also adjusted the sizing and spacing and played around with things a bit as when I adjusted the date, it was also adjusting my sidebar size!

I changed the font that my site was using. I did that in the blogger template section as adding custom fonts seemed a little more complicated.

I had never used the “Read More” option before and I wanted to start, so I customized how that text would appear. [Tutorial].

3. Header:

I designed my new header myself, using Paint Shop Pro. I would normally have used picmonkey, but you are no longer able to save (export) images without becoming a paid picmonkey member and I was not happy about that! I got the background image here and I added my own text to it.


I then needed to center my header, and I also wanted to remove the space above it and make it reach across my whole page. (You may notice that it doesn’t exactly stretch across the whole page – I had a few issues with that one!)

I was going to add a section of images from my recent posts, but once I finally got it to work I decided I didn’t like how it looked. I was also going to add more links in the top section under my header image, but I haven’t done that yet.

4. Body:

I wanted to maximize the white space on my blog, so I removed my background via the blogger template and adjusted the widths. I had to play around with the widths multiple times and the content still isn’t centered correctly, so when you make your browser too skinny, it cuts off my sidebar. I didn’t know how to fix that!

5. Footer:

I added my recent Instagram photos and removed the “powered by Blogger” attribution from the bottom of my page.

What do you think of my recent blog changes? Any suggestions?


$10 at Target–Fall Décor

Monday, September 18, 2017


A few of the blogs that I follow do a really cool challenge called $10 at Target. The idea is to spend $10 and only $10 buying fun items at Target. This month, I remembered to take some photos in the store, because there were so many fun things in the dollar spot!

Fun Winter Accessories

Fall Fun!

Even more fall décor.

Fun stationary.

I bet you can guess what I chose from the title of this post, but to be more specific:

Fall Garland – $3
3 Small Pumpkins – $3
String Lights – $3
= $9 total!

Here are two of the pumpkins on my fall entry table!

I got this glass jar at Home Goods and folded up the lights and put them in. They are going to look so cool on the table outside in our Sukkah – and the garland is going to go in there too. Don’t worry, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, it will all become clear in future posts!

What do you think?


Hooray, It’s Friday! Jewish Culture Fest

Friday, September 15, 2017


Time for another Friday recap post! We had a fun and busy week here.


On Sunday, the Jewish Community Center hosted Jewish Culture Fest. It happens every few years. Gabbie and her Disney dance class danced so the first thing we did was watch their performance!


The boys liked checking out the electric cars and bikes!

DSC_0287_1  DSC_0288_1DSC_0289_1DSC_0290_1DSC_0291_1DSC_0292_1

And they climbed up this bouncy house / obstacle thing a million times.

DSC_0296_1  DSC_0297_1
DSC_0298_1  DSC_0299_1DSC_0300_1

Simon was doing something very serious here. I forget what it was.


And this is one of his good friends.




Before we left, we contributed to this art:


And they took a picture of us!



Our friends who moved to Florida escaped hurricane Irma by coming back here. We had dinner with them on Tuesday night. I took a picture of all the kids except Gabbie (because she was at home finishing her homework) and they all looked and smiled!



On Wednesday, I hosted a Lularoe party at a local consultant’s house. She had a lot of great things! Some friends came, which was nice, and I bought clothes. I also got my first Stitch Fix on the same day and I’ll be sharing what I picked from my box soon!

DSC_0342  DSC_0343
2 Cassie Skirts and 2 Carly Dresses!


Last night, Dave and I went to hear Pete Souza speak. He was the White House photographer for Reagan and Obama and the Truman Library Institute sponsored the event. It was a very interesting talk about the behind the scenes of the every day in the White House, complete with a slide show of some of the best photos of Obama that Souza took. I enjoyed it!



In case you missed it, this week I posted about:

fallbucketlist  road_trip_stops

Have a great weekend!


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