This is one of our favorite scenes that we often quote from. Who knows why!

The main story of the movie is that Oscar worries Big Bird by asking him how Santa Claus can deliver presents when he can’t fit down the chimney. Big Bird and his friend Patty, along with Kermit and Grover, try to find out the answer by conducting experiments, interviewing kids, etc.

Cookie Monster is also featured as he tries to contact Santa to ask for cookies for Christmas, but he keeps getting hungry and eating his writing implements!

Another story line revolves around Ernie and Bert, who while trying to find gifts for one another, end up trading their favorite things away – Ernie gets Bert a cigar box for his paperclip collection by trading his Rubber Duckie, and Bert gets Ernie a soap dish for Rubber Duckie by trading his paperclip colleciton.

Also, Linda and Bob sing a beautiful song with the kids called Keep Christmas With You. Linda teachers it to them in sign language.

There are other Christmas songs in the movie, like Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, True Blue Miracle, and I Hate Christmas, sung by Oscar.

The end features Big Bird learning the magic of Santa – even if he can’t fit down the chimney, they still get gifts!

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