About Dwayne Reed: 

Dwayne Reed is America’s favorite rapping teacher from Chicago. In 2016, the music video for his hit song, “Welcome to the 4th Grade,” went viral and has since been viewed nearly two million times on YouTube. When he’s not writing, rapping, or teaching, Dwayne can be found presenting at educator conferences across the U.S., or loving on his beautiful wife, Simone.

As a viral sensation, Reed spreads his message of inspiration and empowerment that reaches a weekly audience of more than 50,000 followers, subscribers, readers, listeners, and fans. Each month, hundreds of new and aspiring teachers attend his engaging live seminars and rousing, interactive workshops, to experience the thrill of teaching.

As an avid philanthropist, Reed has partnered with other iconic brands that include 3M, Old Navy, and Arby’s to celebrate educators and raise awareness of youth issues. Mr. Reed also supports countless youth charities, after-school programs, and educational nonprofits dedicated to student-centered learning and academic achievement. We invite you to visit him on Twitter at @TeachMrReed and at www.facebook.com/TeachMrReed.

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Our Review:

Simon is currently reading this book and loves that the main character has the same name as he does! They are also both in 5th grade, although the book character is 11 and my Simon is still 10.

I love that this book is about two important things – facing your fears and homelessness. Simon (the book character) is nervous to get in front of his class to make a presentation. He is also known as the shortest kid in the class and my Simon is known as the youngest. Simon (the book character) faces his fear of being bullied and making his class presentation. The topic that he chooses to report on is homelessness, which he discovers is more prevalent in his community than he realized. I am happy that my Simon is learning about this topic by reading this book as well!

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