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Fall Bucket List Wrap Up

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Thanksgiving officially marks the end of my Fall Bucket List, and we are certainly planning to do Thanksgiving tomorrow! For today though, I thought I’d take a look back at our fall and see what we managed to accomplish.


1. Apple Picking

Gabbie had dance, but Dave, the boys, and I went apple picking in September.

2. Try Making Caramel Apples

We have an apple shaped caramel melting pot and I wanted to try it out. It melted the caramel, but the caramel didn’t quite stick to the apples. It was great for dipping in slices though!

3. Rosh Hashanah

We celebrated Rosh Hashanah in September.

4. Drink Apple Cider

I think we did, and we also plan to drink more tomorrow. It’s one of the things I’m bringing for our group dinner!

5. Eat Candy Corn

I may have eaten this by myself…and Dave also got me candy corn for my birthday!

6. Pumpkin Patch

We had our yearly pumpkin patch visit!

7. Decorate Sukkah

DSC_0395  DSC_0399DSC_0400
Sure did!

8. Make Chili

I made and shared my vegetarian chili recipe.

9. Make Soup

The weird thing is that I can’t remember making soup this fall! I make chicken soup pretty often, so I must have done so within the past few months!

10. Bike Ride When The Leaves Change

The leaves really only just changed over the last two weeks, and we’ve been busy, so we didn’t do this. Yet.

11. Take Fall Photos

I normally take my fall photos at the pumpkin patch, so if we assume that’s what I meant by this item, then yes, I did it!

12. Attend a Festival

Last year we went to so many festivals in the fall and I had wanted to repeat some of them. We did not. We were at the Louisburg Cider Mill during Ciderfest though!


13. Wear Scarves

I put this on the list because I always forget to use my scarves. I did wear them a few times though!

14. Make a Thankful List

This post from last week counts, I think.

15. Thanksgiving


Overall, we did not do too badly. Now I need to decide if I should make a winter list!


15 Fun Ideas For Charlotte’s Web

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

15 Fun Ideas For Charlotte’s Web

Simon and I recently finished reading Charlotte’s Web together (meaning I read a bit of it to him every night before bed). We both really enjoyed it. My older kids also read it to themselves when they were younger, and I’m sure I read it in the past, but this time I was able to pause and appreciate the descriptive language and story of friendship in the book. I was also impressed when Simon asked me what certain words meant – similar to how Wilbur asks Charlotte about words she uses that he doesn’t understand! While I obviously recommend the book, I thought I would also write a wrap up of ideas of activities that can go along with reading Charlotte’s Web.


Craft Ideas:

Make spiders’ webs with the words that Charlotte used in the book, or with your names, names of characters in the story, or otherwise.

IMG_7384  IMG_7387
Create Charlotte, her web, and Wilbur.

Spider Web Art.

More Spider Web Art.

Draw Wilbur.

Make 3D pigs.

Coloring Page
More Coloring Page Links

Educational Ideas:

stem collage
Create parachutes for the baby spiders.

Learn the parts of a spider.

Learn about the spider’s life cycle.

Multiplication Spiders!

Search for words to describe yourself and create an About Me Spider.

Snack Ideas:




Next up, we plan to watch the movie, which is currently on Netflix! Have you read Charlotte’s Web?


DIY Travel Map

Monday, November 20, 2017

DIY Travel Map

When we were in San Diego, we went to a family event at the conference Dave was attending where many things were being given away. One of the things we got was a world map. It had been sitting in our bedroom ever since. At the same time, I had been thinking about making a map to mark all of the places we have traveled. I was excited when I realized I could use the map we already had!


I was under the impression that bulletin boards are expensive, but I found this one for only $10 at Target!

I used Mod Podge which we already had to attach the map to the board. I trimmed it to fit as well.


I got pins at Staples because I didn’t like the ones that Target had. Zachary helped me with inserting pins.


Hanging the map was another adventure. I knew we wanted it in the kitchen. I was tired of the way this wall looked.


The bulletin board came with instructions and a paper ruler to help with hanging.


I returned the photos to the wall surrounding the map. It looked a bit crooked though, so I had to adjust it!


The wall is much more pleasing now!


A few of the blogs that I follow do a really cool challenge called $10 at Target. The idea is to spend $10 and only $10 buying fun items at Target. The bulletin board was my $10 purchase!


What do you think?


Hooray, It’s Friday! Fall, Rae Dunn, Etc.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Time for some random Friday rambles!


Last Friday was my birthday. Here’s the cake Dave made:



I’ve been expanding my Rae Dunn collection. We got a new HomeGoods store and they’ve had a few things available!



Zachary and I finished putting together a puzzle. This was it in progress:


How do people take photos straight on from above without shadows?


Since I posted pictures of fall leaves every day this week, here are a few more:



In case you missed it, this week I posted about:

backtonature  comfortable  ripple
Things I’m Thankful For.

Have a great weekend!


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