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Thanksgiving With Family and Friends

Monday, December 3, 2018


On Thanksgiving Day, we flew to NJ to celebrate with Dave’s family. His parents are the usual Thanksgiving dinner hosts and this year we joined in with his sister and her husband who live in NJ and his other sister who was in from Israel. Dave’s sisters are 11 and 9 years older than him, so their kids are also a good deal older than our kids (the youngest cousin is Gabbie’s age) and some are married with kids of their own! This year our oldest niece and her one year old were there on Thanksgiving (and we got to see her husband the following day). Three of our nephews were there as well, one of which also brought his wife and their two-month-old.

Obligatory Thanksgiving picture

My boys just loved playing with their cousin and climbed on him a lot!


Everyone was so happy to meet my niece’s daughter. She was adorable!


This is my niece holding her niece – her brother’s daughter.


More fun with our great-niece.


The cutest thing happened. She spontaneously hugged Simon! I wish I was on the other side or they had been facing me, but how cute are they?!


I wanted to take a 4 generation picture. My mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, my niece, and my great-niece.


Then Dave took the camera and got a picture with all of the ladies!

L to R: great-niece, niece, nephew’s wife, Gabbie, sister-in-law, me, mother-in-law, other sister-in-law, other great-niece

My niece and my sister-in-law holding my great-nieces. I actually have two great-nephews and two other great-nieces who weren’t there!

More fun with this one. She is so cute! She was very interested in Gabbie’s braces.


Next I got some pictures of the newest baby in our family!


Two of my nephews – the one holding her here is her uncle and the other is her father.


The food was good too!


The next morning, we met up with our friends who used to live here in Kansas but now live in NY, about half an hour from my in-laws. We had lunch together at my brother-in-law’s restaurant. They have kids Gabbie, Zachary, and Simon’s ages, plus two younger ones. We love seeing them when we are in town.


The kids enjoyed the pizza and they all had milkshakes because one kid wanted – so they all had to get!


Finally, on Saturday night we got together with our good friends from college. They have kids Gabbie and Simon’s ages and one younger one. Plus the cutest dog! We made our own pizzas and ice cream sundaes and enjoyed being together again!

DSC_9134  DSC_9135DSC_9139DSC_9141DSC_9142DSC_9144DSC_9147

Too many pictures? I’m only a little bit sorry!