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Three Things Tuesday–November

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Time for another update in three points each. In posts like these, you get an update on each child (or family member) in three bullet points per person. I like to write them about once per month and to share something new about each of my kids!



1. I mentioned on Friday that I took Gabbie to the orthopedist last week about her scoliosis and the doctor isn’t recommending that she needs to wear a brace, which is a good thing! If she is truly done growing, she’s at a good adult height of 5’5. Have I mentioned I’m only 5’2?

2. Gabbie says her favorite Thanksgiving food is mashed potatoes, but Grandma may not be making mashed potatoes!

3. She is the easiest to buy Hanukkah gifts for – she wants everything!



1. Zachary’s class went with the 2nd graders to Walmart to purchase food for the Kosher Meals on Wheels. The news was there when they were bringing in the food and Zachary is in the video!

2. His favorite Thanksgiving food is the turkey.

3. He told me he doesn’t like surprises so he wants to know everything he’s getting for Hanukkah before he gets it. Sorry kid!



1. An author named Dori Weinstein visited school and Simon wanted me to purchase 2 of her books. He is really enjoying reading the first one!

2. He also wants me to be his VIP for VIP Day (today)! So I’ll get to see him singing with his class.

3. Simon was the first kid to get to the 25 mile mark in 100 Mile Club, as he was last year as well. Last year he was the boy who earned the most miles overall, but these past few weeks have been slow for us since we haven’t taken enough family walks!

We are so proud of these kids of ours!