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Lenexa Spillway

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Lenexa Spillway

I have a list of places I want to check out to take photos and the most recent one that I visited was the Lenexa Spillway. Located at Black Hoof Park on Lake Lenexa, this unique dam and spillway uses concrete and earthwork as a representation of the water cycle. I tried to take photos from different angles and I was very impressed by the design!

From above:


The middle section:


From the bottom:


There was a small bridge nearby and there was supposed to be a geocache magnetically attached to it somewhere. I couldn’t find it, but I spent awhile looking, and then this happened. There were two of them but the first one went by and disappeared. The other hung out and checked me out for awhile!


Back at the top of the spillway, looking down at the middle section:


I also took some pictures on the way back to the car:


It was such a cool place to check out!