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Goldfish Swim In Cold Weather

Monday, November 26, 2018

Goldfish Swim In Cold Weather

I am partnering with Goldfish Swim School for this post. All opinions are my own.

One thing that all of my kids love is swimming. They feel so lucky when we go to Florida in the winter and they get to go swimming when it’s so cold at home. Simon is especially lucky because he gets to go swimming every week at Goldfish Swim School! We started our lessons in the summer and now that it’s cold outside, it’s just a little bit more complicated to come and go from swimming!


In the summer, Simon put on his bathing suit at home and wore his sandals to class. Now, if he gets ready at home, he has to put sweat pants on over his bathing suit, so he prefers to get ready there. The changing area is bright, inviting, and comfortable for kids and adults alike.

I fill up his swim bag with his clothes and sneakers when he takes them off. Plus, our heavy coats are hard for me to lug around. I finally realized that there are cubbies where I can keep our coats and swim bag while I’m watching Simon’s lesson!


After class, Simon has always preferred to change out of his bathing suit. Taking a clue from another family, we sometimes bring Simon’s pajamas with us so he can change into them, rather than back into his clothes and into pajamas when we get home. Simon is a slowpoke when it comes to getting his pajamas on, so doing it right after class makes things that much easier!

The warm temperature of the pool area is great for keeping the kids warm when they come out of the pool. The changing area is a bit colder. Simon discovered that there is a bathroom inside the pool area that he can change in if he doesn’t want to leave the warmth.


Of course, there are hair dryers available to dry off with before stepping back into the cold outside air!

Now, you may be wondering why we would want to go swimming in the winter – besides the fact that Simon enjoys it! Well, Goldfish Swim School believes – and I agree – that it is important to maintain and improve swimming skills even when it’s not peak swim season. Actually, I’d say it’s especially important to work on swimming skills separate from summer swim time!

Simon and I are both happy with his year-round swim classes!