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Fall Colors in Weston, MO

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Fall Colors in Weston, MO

I have mentioned a few times that I am really happy the leaves changed colors this year before they all fell. Sure enough, on Monday we had a snow storm and now most of the colors are gone! Luckily I got out and took some pictures of the fall colors and while it may be too late to see them in real life, it’s not too late to share them here.

A few weeks back, Dave and I went with the boys to Weston, MO. (Gabbie was busy with dance photos). We also went to Weston last fall, so maybe a visit to Weston is a new annual tradition. This time, we went to the state park and then on a tour of McCormick Distilling Company.


The boys enjoyed looking through the telescopes at Leavenworth, KS on the other side of the Missouri River.


They even let me take a picture of them together – amazing!


Before we left the park, we also stopped by some pretty yellow trees where lots of people were taking photos.

DSC_8605  DSC_8602DSC_8607DSC_8608

This is the view from the distillery back towards the state park.


The tour of the distillery brought us to the areas where the bourbon is made.


The bottling machines weren’t running because it was a Sunday.


Just a few more pretty tree pictures!


Have the leaves all fallen by you yet?