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19 Before 2019

Monday, November 19, 2018


I came across the hashtag #19before2019 on Instagram and although I may be a bit late in joining in, I thought it would be a good way to finish up some of the goals I made earlier this year and plan for the new year to begin. As you know, last week I was talking about gratitude and I ended up deciding to buy a journal to use as sort of a bullet journal that focuses on gratitude. I am also planning to use it to keep track of daily tasks and make lists of new ideas and more. I will likely share it here on my blog as I go. For right now, here is my 19 Before 2019 Goal List.

1. Track Daily Gratitude.

This is taking place in my new journal and I decided to start at the beginning of November, even though I didn’t start the journal itself until last week! I hope to have a list of 30 things I’m grateful for by the end of November, and another 31 by the end of December.

2. Finish Knitting Scarf

I had taken a picture of a scarf I was knitting and my friend said she would love it if I finished it, so it became a gift for her. Only I just decided it is too wide and would not end up long enough, so I took the whole thing apart! Now I will really need to work hard on it to finish it all.

3. Update Good Reads

I usually go back after a few months and add the books I’ve finished. I surpassed my yearly goal of reading 36 books – actually I’m at 45 – so I might like to read 5 more books this year and make it an even 50. I should also update my to be read list.

4. Reach 5000 Followers on Instagram

This is taking way too long! It was my goal to have 5000 followers by the end of the year and I might.

5. Make A List of Future Blog Post Ideas

Every so often I have no ideas on what to blog about. I’d like to have a list to refer back to.

6. Go Swimming

In the winter? Well yeah! We’re going to Florida again, so I want to make it a point to get in the water at least once while we’re there.

7. Family Game Nights

We started game nights again and the goal is to continue them.

8. Think About Meal Planning

Whenever anyone posts about meal planning, I think I really need to do that too. I would like to discuss it with Dave and come up with a way it could work for us.

9. More Daily Walks

Our walking has gone way down with cold weather, I had a cold, and us having plans in the evenings. I would like to try to walk more often for the rest of the year.

10. Finish Re-Organizing Simon’s Closet

I move Zachary’s too small clothes into Simon’s room and then all of Simon’s too small clothes stay there! I got a lot done already but I need to finish taking out the small clothes and then figure out what to do with them.

11. Make Daily To-Do List

I would like to come up with a list of tasks I do (or should do) daily.

12. Find Out About Possible Volunteer Idea

Just an idea I had. I need to email someone and see if it’s possible.

13. Donate in Memory of Aviva

I went to an event that was dedicated in memory of my friend who passed away and I committed to give charity in her honor.

14. Celebrate Thanksgiving

This one should be easy!

15. Celebrate Hanukkah

So should this one.

16. Celebrate 18 Year Anniversary

We will be in Florida again!

17. Hang Out With Besties

We have plans to meet up with 2 of our good friends while we’re in NJ.

18. Spend Time With Family

We have two trips planned and we should have time with both sides of the family.

19. Help Gabbie With Her Next Test

Gabbie is studying for a test on Jewish law for which she can qualify to go to New York in March. She needs to do well on her next test, which is on December 26!

Do you have any goals for the end of this year?