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Three Things Tuesday

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Time for another update in three points each. In posts like these, you get an update on each child (or family member) in three bullet points per person.



1. Gabbie’s class is going on a camping trip this week. Ever since her camping trip 2 years ago, she has been refusing to go on this one. So she gets a week off from school. Instead, she’s doing a bit of volunteering at our preschool and she and I are going on a little mother-daughter trip!

2. It’s just about the end of the first quarter of school and Gabbie is getting all A’s again. Her highest grade is in science, even though she says she doesn’t like science!

3. She spent all day Sunday at a dance convention. Dance still takes up most of her free time. She is also on the student council and tutors a younger student in Hebrew once a week!



1. Zachary did awesome his first quarter in middle school. He is getting all A’s as well.

2. Last week, there was a youth group convention at our synagogue. It was for high schoolers, but Zachary was so excited to see kids he knows from camp and from the convention he went to for the middle school aged kids last year. He has a role at our synagogue to get kids to lead the closing prayers each week and the week of the convention, he did it himself. He’s been doing it for awhile, but it was brave to do so in front of all of those high schoolers!

3. Zachary also has a volunteer role with the 100 Mile Club at school. His job is to encourage the kids not to stop and to complete their laps!



1. Simon had a sick day last week. He said he didn’t feel well when I picked him up on Wednesday after school and he ended up going straight to sleep! He had a low fever and stayed home on Thursday, but he was better by Thursday evening.

2. He also has a day off of school this Friday, when the older kids do have school, so we’ll be having a mommy-son day.

3. Simon goes to 100 Mile Club on Mondays and Swimming on Wednesdays and is otherwise keeping busy watching YouTube and playing Roblox as usual!

We have a lot of events and plans coming  up so we are looking forward to enjoying them all!