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Hooray, It’s Friday! Email Newsletter Tips and Randoms

Friday, October 19, 2018


Time for another random Friday update!


First up, do you have an email list for your blog? I don’t, and I rarely sign up for any because I get enough email as it is! According to Campaign Monitor, email newsletters are an excellent way to enhance engagement and 90% of consumers prefer to receive updates via email over updates on social channels! If you are creating an email newsletter, this infographic gives you 11 Elements for an Epic Email Newsletter!



Our past few weekends have been full of canceled plans. First, when I was supposed to go to the WaterFire Festival and I was hoping to go to picnic at the zoo, both were rained out. (The zoo picnic happened indoors, but we didn’t go). Then last weekend Zachary had a party in Fort Leavenworth and I thought we might all go for the ride, but Simon didn’t want to go, so I stayed home with him. We took a walk, watched part of Home Alone, and went to meet our state representative at the bagel store! Simon was really excited to have met the man whose names is on so many signs in our neighborhood!


It’s the time of year when the weather changes and I realize my kids have nothing to wear. I realized Simon had almost no sweatpants, and I knew Zachary needed school pants, so I placed a Children’s Place order. Then I realized a bunch of Zachary’s sweatpants were too small and could be passed down to Simon, so Zachary was the one who actually needed sweatpants! Another order placed and they are both set with pants for the winter. I really need to take the too small clothes out of Simon’s closet though!


This is a sad one, but I felt like I should copy this from my Facebook page. A friend of mine passed away last week, leaving two little boys who aren’t in my kids classes, but are part of our school community.

There are some people who exude kindness, who always make you feel liked, and who provide a bright light wherever they go. Aviva Stacey Solomon was one of those people. I remember the exact place and moment that we first met. It was December 2010 and I was nursing Simon at a wedding. She introduced herself to me and was so friendly, I knew I liked her immediately. She said she would always remember his name because Simon was her maiden name, but the truth is, she never forgot my name either. And she was this way with everyone. Every time I open Facebook I see more friends talking about how she effected their lives. She knew and touched a huge amount of people and really made a difference in this world. Even the weather is crying at this loss. Another friend suggested doing an act of kindness in her honor and I would like to request the same from my friends - do something for someone else, no matter how little, and think of Aviva.


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Have a great weekend!