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10 Favorite Recipes

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


This month’s topic for 10 on the 10th with Simple Purposeful Living is 10 Favorite Recipes. I am not a very good cook, but I do have some favorites I have posted before or can share now. These are some of the recipes that I make when we have friends over or when I’m bringing a dish to someone else.

1. My go to simple salad dressing is what I use on a regular basis, not when we’re having guests over, but if I’m making salad for Dave and myself.

Favorite Simple Salad Dressing Recipe

2. When we have people over, I tend to make the side dishes while Dave makes the main dishes. I make a lot of salads! One of my favorite salads to make is a layered salad from Kosher By Design by Susie Fishbein. I leave out the peppers and cucumbers because I don’t like them!


3. Another salad I like to make is the taco salad from the school cookbook where my nieces and nephews went to elementary school. I like to use the vegetarian meatless meat from Trader Joe’s and I don’t season it or cook it before adding it to the salad.


4. From the same book, I make a sushi salad. I leave out the green beans because there are no green beans in sushi, and I top it with salmon that is pre-cooked in a package from Costco.


5. From the book The Kosher Palette, I make a sesame noodle salad. I don’t own the book so I typed this up from a copy my friend gave me! I pretty much follow this recipe as it is, but if I want Zachary to eat it, I don’t add the scallions.


6. I also make a potato salad that is good for crowds. I know I used a recipe from my Spice and Spirit cookbook, but I think I combined two recipes and the last time I made it, I couldn’t remember how I’d done it the last time, so I used this recipe and it came out good!


7. I’ve made this vegetarian chili for guests, but I also make it for myself or for Dave and myself for dinner.

Vegetarian Chili

8. One thing I make without a real recipe is chicken soup. I use a few pieces of chicken, a bag of baby carrots, a sweet potato, an onion, zucchini, turnips, and parsnips. I chop up everything and put them in a big pot, cover with water, and simmer all day!

9. Another soup I like to make is Jenna’s Taco Soup. In the time since I first started making it, it has become a true dinner favorite!

10. For dessert, my go to is the Nestle Toll House Blondies recipe. I haven’t made blondies in awhile because I haven’t been able to get the margarine that I usually use! However, I would still say this is my favorite dessert recipe.

I’m really picky when it comes to recipes I’m willing to make. What is your favorite recipe?