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Top Five Things I Love About Goldfish Swim School

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Top Five Things I Love About Goldfish Swim School

I am partnering with Goldfish Swim School for this post. All opinions are my own.

After another month of lessons, we are still loving Goldfish Swim School! Here are some reasons why.

The Staff

At the beginning of the school year, we changed Simon’s lesson time by a half an hour. He was sad to leave his former instructor, who he really liked, but his new instructor is great too! Plus, if there is a time when his instructor isn’t there, or we do a make-up class, the staff has notes about each child and what he or she is working on. This way the continuity is not effected.



Switching Simon’s swim time to a half hour later was as easy as could be. We are allowed 12 make-up classes per year and so far we have used 2! This past Wednesday was Yom Kippur, so we couldn’t attend our regular Wednesday class. The same class is offered multiple times per week which makes it easy for everyone to schedule when they need and we rescheduled our class for Thursday with no problem.

Fun Events

Besides regular swim lessons, there are social events at our school. While many are on Saturdays which we cannot attend, there was one on a Sunday. Simon was so excited to bring Zachary to swim in the pool with him and to meet his instructors!


Parent Viewing Area

Although Simon is no longer looking for my approval after every time he takes a turn, I think he is still comforted that I am nearby when he is swimming. I also really like watching his lessons! It is also fun to watch the kids at different levels, from the cute toddlers to the expert swimmers learning their strokes!



Simon is still loving picking out a prize from the basket every week! Each week the prizes are different and it gives him something to look forward to after his lessons!


Simon is still doing well with his lessons. This week, his teacher said he is doing much better with his back float. He is still working on turning over from his belly to back, which seems like a difficult move to me!


Isn’t he the cutest little swimmer ever?