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Sunflower Fields Forever–Local Tourist Link Up

Friday, September 28, 2018


This is the first month in awhile that we didn’t actually go on any local adventures. School and the holidays have kept us busy! However, I do have photos I’ve been meaning to share from an evening in which I bribed the kids with ice cream to accompany me to a local sunflower patch. In the past, we have visited Grinter’s Farm in Lawrence, but we have not made it there in recent years. A friend of mine from my photography group happens to live in Kansas City and she told me about this patch located in Lee’s Summit, at the James A. Reed Wildlife Area. It blooms earlier than the one in Lawrence, is a bit closer, and it gets nowhere near as crowded!

At first, driving around the area, I missed the turn off for the sunflowers, but luckily some texting with my friend got us to the right place! I tried to make myself happy with photos of these flowers, but they aren’t sunflowers!


Gabbie also did some dance poses for me.


And now for the real attraction!


The sun was setting and it was really pretty! And yes, this was followed with a stop for ice cream!

Now, if you visited a local area this month, link up with Lauren and me here!

Feel free to save our image and share it in your blog post so others can find the link-up!


Do you love sunflowers as much as I do?