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The Magic Kingdom Part 2

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Magic Kingdom

I left off last week in the middle of our day at the Magic Kingdom. We had just ridden Splash Mountain and took a break for lunch. The afternoon details are a little confusing for me because we kept switching around our Fast Passes, so I might have some of this wrong, but at least I know what rides we went on – having pictures of everything helps!

Our first stop after lunch was Liberty Square. We wanted to see the Hall of Presidents since the last time we were there, Obama was still president. It was interesting. There were some strong reactions from the crowd when it came to their favorite (or least favorite) current presidents! We thought the Trump animatronic was hilarious because he talked and moved his hands exactly like Trump does.


When we came out of the Hall of Presidents, the Muppets were performing their Great Moments in History show. We saw the same one last time so we didn’t feel like we needed to see it all again, but I do love the Muppets!


Next, it was back in the direction we’d come from, on to the Pirates of the Caribbean. I don’t think we had a Fast Pass, but I also don’t remember waiting in line, so either it wasn’t very long or the great Fast Pass switch around had already started. Our afternoon Fast Pass was for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but it kept getting closed due to weather (every day, there is a 3PM lightning sighting / rain storm so some of the rides close until the sky is clear)! So when your Fast Pass time is interrupted for a weather issue,  you can either use it on another ride (except for some of the most popular ones) or use it for your original ride later when it’s open again. At some point, we definitely used the Fast Pass on a different ride so that we could then add another Fast Pass choice (you start out with 3, but after you use them all, you can add 1 more – then use that 1 and add another, etc.).


I’m pretty sure we planned to ride Big Thunder right after Pirates, since they are close to each other, but instead we ended up at Mickey’s Philharmagic. Back past Liberty Square, into Fantasyland. There were some technical issues they were having, so we had to wait a bit for the show to start and then it looked blurry to me!

(Kind of like this picture)


And then it was back in the other direction again. Are you sensing a trend here? We definitely ended up with a Fast Pass for the Jungle Cruise and somehow got there when it was not closed for weather.

The back side of the water.

Ready for rain?


I think we were once again trying to get onto Big Thunder Mountain but it was raining and we decided to take the train to the front of the park (or to Tomorrowland) but just when the train finally arrived, it was – you guessed it – closed for weather.


So it was once again another walk back to the other side of the park. I really think they need a short cut from Frontierland to Main Street! Anyway, we had a break for ice cream at that point and then headed to Tomorrowland, where we found the purple wall.


Dave and Zachary didn’t realize we stopped and I got a text from Dave asked where we were. Hmm, he’s the one who left us! Being in Tomorrowland meant it was time to ride the People Mover, which doesn’t shut down for weather, but does have a long wait when it’s rainy!


And next, The Carousel of Progress. We started liking this ride / show on our last trip and I even got a shirt with the song lyrics on it!


From there, it was the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. Tomorrowland is good for rainy weather because these longer shows are indoors.


After what looks like another rainy walk back and forth to Big Thunder, we ended up on It’s A Small World for our second cruise of the day.


And then it was time for a dinner break! We grabbed a table inside Pinocchio's Village Haus. It was a bit late, so it wasn’t crowded, and we claimed a table overlooking It’s A Small World. If you are ever on the ride during the dinner hour (or lunch, maybe), look up at the windows before you enter the ride. Kids hold up signs saying things like “do the chicken dance,” “take a selfie,” and “touch your nose.” The boys held up the signs the entire time we were up there!


After dinner, guess what we did? If you guessed walked back to Big Thunder, you’d be right!


This time, it wasn’t raining and we were able to get on the ride!


On our way back around, once again wishing there was a short cut, I suggested a stop in the Tiki Room. Gabbie had been in there when she was very little, and Zachary even littler, but the kids had all heard about it – it’s a classic!


Then we jumped onto the Magic Carpets, just because we could.


And made it back to Main Street in time for the fireworks. Just before we found a place to stand, I said I always end up behind a tree. And sure enough, there’s a tree. However, the castle projections were really cool and we liked the fireworks show, which is new since we were last there.


You know how most people leave after fireworks? We didn’t. There was still one more ride we wanted to get on – Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

Magic Band Power!

Can you spot the Hidden Mickey?


I didn’t do well on this game / ride, but gotta love Buzz!

Updated Zurg jail photo – we take one every time!

Last time:


There is another castle show an hour after the fireworks, so we sat down in the hub – yes, right on the floor – to watch. No trees blocking the view for this one!

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Goodnight Magic Kingdom!


This last picture was taken at 10:30 PM. We were in the park for a total of 14 hours and 10 minutes! In my last post, I listed the rides we rode between our arrival and lunchtime, a total of 11. Between 1 PM and 10:30 PM, we watched the show at the Hall of Presidents, saw the Muppets, rode Pirates of the Caribbean, watched Mickey’s Philharmagic, rode the Jungle Cruise, ate ice cream, rode the People Mover, did the Carousel of Progress, watched the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor show, rode It’s A Small World, ate dinner, rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, watched the fireworks, rode Buzz Lightyear, and watched the closing night castle show. And we walked a ton of times between the far side of Frontierland and Fantasyland! My total miles walked that day was 8.1. My feet were killing me. And guess what? We still had the next day to get through!

Come back next week to see what we were up to on our last day in Disney World!