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The Magic Kingdom Part 1

Thursday, August 16, 2018


In my last Disney post, I told you about our day at Epcot. That was on a Friday and we took Saturday off from the parks. On Sunday, it was Magic Kingdom time! We were up early and on our way on a bus, which brought us right to the entrance of the park – no need for monorails or ferries.


Since I’d last been there, the opening show had changed and now you can walk down Main Street to the castle before the park opens, so we had time to make use of the Main Street Transportation – we rode the fire truck!


We took some castle photos and then waited for the opening show. We watched from the Tomorrowland side because Dave, Gabbie, and Zachary were planning to ride Space Mountain when it opened.

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Simon wanted to ride the Barnstormer first, but on our way there we hopped on Winnie The Pooh!


Next, we did ride the Barnstormer, followed by Dumbo.


Simon also got wet at the Soak Station, while we waited for Dave and the other kids to catch up with us after their Space Mountain ride. Once they got there, everyone but me rode the Barnstormer again and then we all rode Dumbo again!


Next up, The Little Mermaid! If you ride with me on many of these rides, you have to deal with me singing along!


From there, it was time for our Seven Dwarves Mine Train Fast Pass! We love that ride.


Making our way towards Frontierland now, we stopped at It’s a Small World.


On our way to the Haunted Mansion, we stopped at the Rapunzel bathrooms and saw our friends there. They had just done the Haunted Mansion and were going to It’s A Small World!


We hadn’t been in the stand-by line for the Haunted Mansion in awhile. There are some neat interactive elements there.


After that, it was time for our Fast Pass on Splash Mountain. It was funny that as we went under the big drop, we were splashed soaking wet, but when we went down the drop ourselves, we hardly got wet at all!


At this point, we stopped to eat our lunch, which means it’s a good time to stop this post! If you come back next week, you can see what we did during the rest of our day at the Magic Kingdom! For those of you keeping track, we arrived at the park at 8:20 AM and stopped for lunch at 12:20 PM and in that time we rode Space Mountain (Dave, Gabbie, Zachary), Winnie The Pooh (me and Simon), The Barnstormer (me and Simon), Dumbo (me and Simon), The Barnstormer (everyone but me), Dumbo, The Little Mermaid, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, It’s A Small World, The Haunted Mansion, and Splash Mountain! We used two of our Fast Passes and still had one left!