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TBB Asks Party Edition

Monday, August 6, 2018


The first Monday of the month means it’s time to answer questions from The Blended Blog! This month’s questions focus on all things party! What a fun theme!

1. Favorite Birthday Party as a Child?

I loved having roller skating parties. For my Sweet 16 we even rented out the roller rink!

2. Do you like to Entertain? Yes or No?

Sometimes. I honestly like the planning and organizing more than the actual party!

3. What kind of Parties are your favorite?

As an adult I like parties where a group of friends get together and just hang out and talk. Game nights are also fun!

4. Big or Small Parties?

Small gatherings are nicer I think.

5. Favorite thing to do at Parties?


6. Party Food Favorites?

Anything with dip, or burgers.

7. Favorite Flavor of Birthday cake? 


8. Balloons? Yes or No? 

Sure. Funnily enough, Dave got balloons for his birthday in May and they are still going strong 2+ months later!

9. Best Party Song? 

Celebration by Kool and the Gang?

10. Do you like to Dance? Yes or No? 

Not really.

Now tell me your opinion on parties!