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My DNA Traits

Tuesday, August 21, 2018


I recently took the 23andMe DNA test which included both health and ancestry information. While I’m generally interested in ancestry and finding relative, the trait reports are pretty interesting too. They are meant to explain the genetics behind your appearance and senses. The interesting thing is whether or not the predictions are actually correct! Here’s what my traits say about me.

1. Musical Pitch


According to my genetics, I am less likely to be able to match a musical pitch.

True! I absolutely cannot sing on pitch.

2. Asparagus Odor Detection

My genetics make it likely that I can smell the asparagus odor in my urine.

Not Sure! I never noticed any particular odor after eating asparagus!

3. Bitter Taste


My genetics make it likely I can detect certain bitter tastes.

False? Gabbie did a genetics unit and she brought home a test to see if we could taste a bitter taste on a strip of paper and I didn’t think I could taste it! The 23andMe page suggests that if you have this trait, raw broccoli or brussels sprouts would taste bitter. I do eat raw broccoli sometimes and I think it sometimes tastes bitter, but not all the time.

4. Cheek Dimples

My genetics say it’s likely I don’t have dimples.

True. Well, I do have indentations when I smile, but not really dimples! Simon has dimples though!

5. Cilantro Taste Aversion


I have slightly higher odds of disliking cilantro.

True. I hate cilantro!

6. Cleft Chin

I am unlikely to have a cleft chin.


7. Earlobe Type


My genetics make me likely to have detached earlobes.

False! My earlobes are attached and I’m proud of it!

8. Earwax Type

Apparently earwax comes in two types – dry and wet. Mine is more likely to be wet.

True, I guess!

9. Eye Color

I am likely to have brown or hazel eyes.

True. My eyes are light brown.

10. Fear of Heights


I am more likely than average to be afraid of heights.

False. I’m not afraid of heights.

11. Finger Length Ratio

I am likely to have longer ring fingers than index fingers.

False. They are very close together but my index finger is longer!

12. Freckles

I am likely to have few, if any, freckles.

False. I have a bit more than a few! I wouldn’t say a lot, but definitely more than a few.

13. Hair Photobleaching

My hair is more likely to lighten with sun exposure.

Not sure. I get a bit of red highlights in the sun, but I haven’t seen actual lightening of my hair in a long time.

14. Hair Texture

Apparently my hair is likely straight or wavy.

False. I would say my hair is curly. But maybe it’s actually considered wavy?

15. Hair Thickness


I am less likely to have thick hair.

False. I have very thick hair!

16. Light or Dark Hair

I am more likely to have lighter hair.

False again! I have very dark hair!

17. Misophonia

I have about average odds of hating the sound of others chewing.

True. I don’t really care. But Gabbie truly hates it!

18. Mosquito Bite Frequency

I am likely to get more mosquito bites than others.

Not really. I think I get an average amount.

19. Newborn Hair

I am likely to have little to no hair at birth.

False? I’m pretty sure I had hair when I was born, but I could be wrong!

20. Photic Sneeze Reflex


I am likely to sneeze in bright sunlight.

Not really. I do sometimes. But Dave and Simon always do!

21. Red Hair

I’m unlikely to have red hair.

True. I don’t have red hair, but I do have a few highlights, and the men in my family are known to have red hair in their beards!

22. Skin Pigmentation

I am likely to have lighter skin.

True, I suppose!

23. Sweet vs Salty

I am likely to prefer sweet snacks.

True, but I like salty too!

24. Toe Length Ratio

It’s likely that my second toe is longer.

True, I guess. It’s very close!

25. Unibrow

I’m unlikely to have a unibrow.

True. Well, I don’t, but I wax my eyebrows!

26. Wake-Up Time


I am likely, on average, to wake up around 8:11 AM.

Random, but pretty true! However, it says I’m more likely a morning person, and I’m not!

27. Widow’s Peak

I am unlikely to have a widow’s peak.


So, out of 27 predicted traits, I believe 13 are correct, 10 are incorrect, 2 are not really true, and I’m not sure about 2. Interesting? I suppose so!