Not In Jersey: Hooray, It’s Friday! Leggings, Bracelets, and Swimming! Hooray, It’s Friday! Leggings, Bracelets, and Swimming! - Not In Jersey

Hooray, It’s Friday! Leggings, Bracelets, and Swimming!

Friday, August 17, 2018


Time for another random Friday update!


I was recently contacted about trying a product from the Koral Activewear collection. I decided to try the Drive Jacquard Leggings. I can usually wear a size small in leggings because I’m short and my waist isn’t so big (it’s the part above that is big!) but these were definitely too small. Luckily I have a skinny teenager who loves wearing leggings and who was happy to be gifted a pair! She told me a few times how she needed new leggings for dance, and then she did this:

DSC_7747  DSC_7750

I think they’ll do!


I did a thing…


Yeah, I got myself an Apple Watch. I never really thought I needed one, but lately I’d been thinking about getting one, and when my FitBit died completely randomly AGAIN while we were in Yellowstone, I decided I would go for it. And then of course I had to put Mickey Mouse on my watch face!

One cool thing about having an Apple Watch is that now I can wear one watch for the time and keeping track of steps. Before I was wearing a watch on one hand and my Fitbit on the other. This has left my other hand free to wear bracelets. Wind Passion recently sent me two really cool handmade bracelets and I’m happily wearing them now!


The orange and black one is the “Dakar” Orange Braided Rope Bracelet and the blue and black one is the “Dark Ocean” Blue Surfer Anchor Bracelet. They come in a variety of colors and would make great gifts! I really like the sliding knot adjustment system and I especially like the white loop on the blue bracelet as it is unique and cute! Here’s a closer look at it from the website:



We have a new swimmer in the house! Simon has been going to lessons at Goldfish Swim School for a little over one month and he can already swim on his own, under water, both on his front and on his back! I will be posting more about the Swim School and how much we love it there, but for now, check out my swimmer!



I got my DNA results back and found out I’m 100% Ashkenazi Jewish. No big surprise! I already connected with a third cousin, which is very cool! I messaged a few other people hoping to find out how we are related!


In case you missed it, this week I posted about:

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Have a great weekend!