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Local Adventures In Camps and Learning–Local Tourist Link Up

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Local Adventures In Camps and Learning

It’s the last day of the month so that means it’s time to share our local tourist adventures! This month was all about local camps. While Gabbie and Zachary have both gone to sleepaway camp in the past, this year everyone stayed home and went to local camps through our neighborhood school system and through the local community college. Here are some of the awesome adventures they’ve had this month.


Zachary took a class on aeronautics that culminated with a trip to the indoor skydiving location, iFly. Parents were invited to watch the kids so of course I was there to take pictures! Zachary loved it!


It’s not so cheap to just go to iFly as an activity, so it was great that Zachary got to do so with camp.

Mural Making

Gabbie’s class at the community college was all about murals. I had in my imagination that they would head out to a local wall and paint on it, but instead they designed an art piece that is now hanging in the college hallway. Gabbie’s piece was the recycling sign and the pink ombre painting above it.


Inexpensive Day Trips

Simon also goes to a camp where they take local day trips, and one can get a lot of ideas for local adventures from the trips they take. Some of the places they visited included: The Berry Patch, Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead, Scheel’s, Cabela’s, the Johnson County Museum, and Mahaffie Farm. On days without trips, they swim!

Goldfish Swim School

Speaking of swimming, Simon started lessons at our new Goldfish Swim School. I was so excited that they opened here after reading all of Danielle’s posts about her kids’ swim lessons at their local school! I love that although Simon is pretty much a beginner swimmer, he is in a class with kids his own age. I remember when I was a late swimmer, I was put in a class with preschoolers! Simon enjoys his lessons too.


Now, if you visited a local area this month, link up with Lauren and me here!

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Do you ever feel jealous of all the fun things your kids get to do in camp? I do!