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Bahamas Travel Guide: Things to see and do in the Tropical Paradise

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


The Bahamas remain as one of the most visited destinations in the entire Caribbean region. With all of its limitless offerings from unspoiled beaches, hiking trails, rich history, vibrant culture, various recreational activities to mouthwatering cuisine, you’re stay will probably be a remarkable one with all those experiences of a lifetime and wonderful memories that you’ll surely treasure. Stay in one of the houses for rent in the Bahamas which truly offers a spectacular view of the paradise and provide the ultimate relaxation that you’ve been wanting to experience.

It is made up of 700 islands scattered over 100,000 square miles of ocean. The Bahamas is an ecological oasis and known for having the clearest water on the planet. There’s really something fascinating about the powdery sands, shallow shorelines and the luminous waters connecting the sea and sky in a unified horizon. Whether you have three days or a week, here’s how to spend
your Bahamas vacation.

1. Enjoy Caribbean beauty on Pink Sands Beach

Pink Sands Beach can be found on the east coast of Harbour Island, just a short trip if you’re coming from north of Dunmore Town. Be mesmerized as you see how the luminous waters lap the shoreline softly. On-site, there are some clutches of palm-topped umbrellas and sunbeds where you can unwind. What’s more captivating here is the unusual color of the sand glowing in a soft
rose color under the Bahamian sun.

2. Swim with dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island

The Blue Lagoon Island, officially known as the Salt Cay, was a former hideaway for pirates and later became a diver training ground. Be astounded as the stunning stretches of white sand that line the shores welcomes you. There’s also the stony McCutcheon’s Tower which offers comprehensive views of the Caribbean Sea plus an inland lagoon that are rich with wildlife and
will give you an opportunity to try various water sports activities.

And yes, it is home to the much-admired Dolphin Encounters program, permitting the visitors to swim with the ocean’s most intelligent mammals.

3. Go beachcombing and caving in the Lucayan National Park

The Lucayan National Park is approximately 40-acre slab cut out of the southern coast of Grand Bahama. It is a wildlife landscape which features mangrove swamps and beaches, weaving boardwalks intended for bird watchers and wildlife seekers.

The protected area’s most amazing feature is its underground cave system which is considered as one of the longest of its kind in the world.

4. Shop til you drop in Port Lucaya Marketplace

Don’t miss the Port Lucaya Marketplace. It is located on the harbor’s edge of Freeport on Grand Bahama uniquely painted in classically Caribbean bright colors of pink, turquoise, yellow and green.

There are more than 40 boutique outlets selling local crafts and art pieces as well as countless eateries and cafes, bars and even hole-in-the-wall food vendors.

5. Tour Eleuthera Island from head to toe

Eleuthera is known as one of the real natural jewels in the Bahamas. It features hidden coves to explore. The spot like the Surfers Beach is an ideal place for wave seekers. There’s also something in store for those horse riders. They’ll probably love seeking out the caves and the geological creations that vent from the Whiteland down to Rock Sound.

6. Devour the Fish Fry on Arawak Cay

If you want to try the most authentic culinary experiences in the entire Bahamas, be sure to drop by the Arawak Cay located just a short walk from the Western Esplanade of Nassau. Here, there’s a cluster of barbeque joints and holes-in-the-wall vendors who conspire to cook up the legendary Bahamian Fish Fry. They also serve a local conch salad and shrimp, typically finished off in a smoky Carib rock oven. The best day to visit the area is on Sunday evening wherein local bands and poetry reading grace the pavements and stages in the establishments.

7. Take in the views from Stocking Island

Stocking Island is noticeably different from many other postcard-perfect islets in the Bahamian archipelago. It features soaring cliffs and scrubs topped boulders which makes it an ideal place for a coastal hike and hilltop walk. Be enthralled by the dramatic views of the ocean and even the pristine coves on the area.

8. Dive the waters around Andros

One of the perfect place to snorkel and to SCUBA dive is around the large Andros. It is home to the third largest barrier reef on the planet. The island genuinely boasts a wide array of marine life. As you dive deeper and see the colorful world under throughout the various dive spots, you’ll find submerged shipwrecks where parrotfish, trumpet fish, speckled scorpionfish, blue tangs and
bigger underwater creatures can also be spotted.

9. Meet the rays on the Stingray Adventure

It’ll take 30 minutes by boat to reach shallow waters of Half Moon Cay which nestled between Cat Island and South Eleuthera. It is indeed stunning, unspoiled and a far-flung spot where travelers get the chance to meet the stingray.

The tour starts with a briefing on how to properly deal with the ray behavior as well as the handling techniques. After that, they allow the participants to have a close encounter with the barbed creatures. You can feed and pet them all in their natural habitat.

10. Sample the delights of John Watling’s Distillery

It is located on the famed and hallowed grounds of the Buena Vista Estates in historic downtown Nassau. It is home to John Watling’s Rum also known as the Spirit of The Bahamas.

Regular tours of this site allow the travelers to walk through the manicured garden lawns and palm beds towards the brewing halls. This is where the Bahamian iconic spirit with sugarcane and firewater were made using barrels and crackling piles of coconut husks. And of course, there’s a tasting room and also Red Turtle Tavern if you would like to purchase rum.

This post was written by Sam W. Sam is an a writer, blogger and world traveler that loves nothing more than being outdoors.