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10 Favorite Places to Travel

Monday, June 11, 2018


This month’s topic for 10 on the 10th with Simple Purposeful Living is 10 Favorite Places to Travel. You know we love traveling and we love exploring new places as well as returning to some old favorites.

1. Disney World


Obviously the first choice of a favorite! We have traveled to Disney many times since having kids (and Dave and I even went once without them!) and will be returning in just a few weeks! Our last visit was in December of 2016.
Magic Kingdom 1 | Magic Kingdom 2 | Epcot 1 | Epcot 2 | Epcot 3

2. South Florida


We like to go to Florida for winter break. My parents live there and Dave’s parents are there in the winter as well. We love the restaurants, the beaches, the weather, and seeing family!
Beaches | Alligators | Wynwood Walls

3. New Jersey


Since leaving NJ, we have been back many times to visit family. Last year, we spent almost all of June there. We love visiting our friends and family members that live there, as well as going to some of our favorite NJ places!
NJ Part 1 | NJ Part 2

4. New York City


Growing up, I never really enjoyed NYC, but now that we don’t live close, I kind of love going back to visit! There are a ton of awesome museums to visit, as well as plenty of stores and more to check out! I also went there by myself last year in May!
Chelsea & The High Line | The MOMA & More | Stores | Science Museums

5. Israel


We have family in Israel so we visit for special occasions, like my nephew’s bar mitzvah, which Dave and Zachary attended in April.  Prior to that, we all visited in August of 2015 for our nephew’s wedding. We were there for three weeks and visit many places!
Israel Posts

6. Caribbean


I love a good island beach trip! Preferably on a cruise! It’s been awhile, but we did a Disney cruise in January 2014. I’ve been to the following Caribbean Islands: Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Grand Cayman, Martinique, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas.

7. Atlanta


My brother lives in Atlanta so we’ve been there a few times and it’s a really fun city!

8. Arizona

My grandmother lived in Arizona and I always loved visiting her there. I would love to get back there some day even though she is sadly no longer around.

9. Las Vegas

Such a fun city! I’ve been there a few times but the most recent time was for my cousin’s wedding. I want to go back!

10. Somewhere New!

I love visiting places I haven’t been yet, so I can’t really list them here! This summer, we’re hitting three new states – Montana, Idaho, and Utah!

Where are your favorite places to travel?