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Simon’s Poetry Café

Thursday, May 24, 2018


One of the highlights of second grade is the poetry unit. Throughout the year, the kids collect poems on a variety of topics and share them with the class. They learn to discuss what they like about the poems. They also write their own poetry. Last week, Simon’s class shared their original poetry with their families at the Poetry Café.

DSC_4988  DSC_4989
The kids get two books to keep – one is an anthology of the poems the students wrote and the other is the collection of poems they shared with the class throughout the year.


The poem Simon wrote was called “Swimming” and was a haiku.

Splashing at the pool
On a burning summer day.
Water cools me down.

Simon and one of his friends | Gabbie also came to Poetry Café. Zachary might have come to but he was away on his class trip.

New this year was a recitation of poems about science, shared via computer. Simon is the 2nd from left in this photo.

Each child had a turn to read their poem. Then they chose an adult and a fellow student to say what they liked about their poem.


Later, Simon had a chance to say what he liked about another student’s poem.


As always, when Simon has a school event, I enjoy remembering his older siblings participating in the same event! Gabbie shared a poem about dance at her Poetry Café, and Zachary shared one about Chanukkah!

DSCN24444  DSCN1496[3]
2nd grade Gabbie and Zachary!