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A Day In The Life

Thursday, May 17, 2018



Today I’m joining in with some of my favorite bloggers to post a day in my life. I have always forgotten to take photos for day in the life posts in the past, so this time I gave myself permission to not photograph everything. I did take a bunch of random photos throughout the day, but when I didn’t, you’ll just have to trust my descriptions on what I was doing!

I decided to document Monday of this week. It was set to be a normal day, but things change, and a stay at home mom has to be prepared for anything!

The kids get up around 7 and eat breakfast. I was too tired to take photos of what they eat. Zachary overslept because he was on a youth group trip and he was charging his Fitbit, which wakes him up, so I had to get him up. By the time I took this, only Gabbie was still eating. The others eat faster.


Here is all of their stuff lined up by the door. They wait for their ride which comes at about 7:30.


After they leave, I eat breakfast and drink coffee.


My first stop is the gym, but not before I start a load of laundry.


I also pile all the morning dishes into the sink.


After the gym, I went to the store and got groceries.


Put the load of laundry into the drier.


And took a shower.


Not a minute after I took this not so great mirror photo, my phone rang and it was the school telling me that Simon threw up and needed to be picked up. So I hurried off to pick him up. He seemed ok on the way home, and I settled him on the couch.


I worked on repacking Zachary for his school overnight trip.


And ate lunch.


I eventually washed these dishes.


Gabbie had an orthodontist appointment and luckily Dave could come home from work and stay with Simon while I took her.


Here Simon was still feeling ok, but soon afterwards he started throwing up non-stop for an hour or two.


In between all of that, I worked on my blog.


Zachary came home and I made him hang out in a different room from Simon. (Yes, Simon was in this room in the above picture, but he went back to the couch).


I made school lunches for Tuesday.


And Zachary’s regular afternoon snack.


I also cooked chili for dinner.


Simon finally started feeling better around 5 PM.


Gabbie had a dance meeting and Dave picked her up at 5:15. When they got home, we ate dinner and Simon cried because he wanted dinner too but we only let him have a piece of bread. Then he cried because I was taking the other kids to graduation. Our school is very small and many of the younger kids attend graduation even if they don’t have siblings graduating or even know the kids in the senior class well. Gabbie had three classmates with siblings graduating and Zachary had a member of his school family graduating – the kids are each in a family with other kids from other grades, approximately one per grade per family. So throughout their time at school they get to know those kids pretty well. Each of the graduating seniors speak about something that was meaningful to them during their time in school and I enjoy listening to their speeches. Last year, the graduating class only had 4 kids, but this year there were 14, so it lasted a bit longer!

When we got home, Gabbie and Zachary went to bed and I watched The Resident and Chicago Med, then I read a bit and went to bed myself!

Simon was better by Tuesday, but he stayed home with me as per the school rules! He went back to school yesterday. Zachary left for his class trip on Tuesday and he’ll be back today!