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Trip to L.A. for the Scandal Finale

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Last week, I took a very quick trip to L.A. I left here on Wednesday evening and flew back on Friday morning, so I was really only there for one full day. Originally I was going to stay longer, but the friends I met up with couldn’t stay, so we all went home on Friday and that worked out fine for me. So, why the trip to L.A.? Well, we got tickets to the Scandal Finale Live Table Read. The finale was on TV that same night, but we watched the cast read their parts out loud, on stage. It was kind of awesome.

But first, L.A.

The first thing that happened after we arrived and picked up our rental car was that I realized I didn’t have my camera battery. I’d decided to charge it up before I left and somehow neglected to return it to my camera. Luckily Best Buy carries the battery and it was in stock, so one of our first stops was to Best Buy to buy a new battery! Unfortunately, the battery didn’t come fully charged, so I had to limit my picture taking in order to avoid it going dead!


My friend goes to L.A. pretty often, so she brought us to see the Hollywood sign and then to the Hollywood Reservoir, where we took a walk to where we could see the sign again. Along the way, there were flowers.


The bridge we were on was cool. There are dog heads between the arches!


We also stopped at an overlook of the Hollywood Bowl.


Then we headed down to Hollywood Blvd. The Scandal cast was filming Jimmy Kimmel’s show, but although most people seemed to, we didn’t have tickets. Instead, we went around to the back to see if we could get the cast to come over to us before the went inside. We hung out with some paparazzi and autograph collectors who were interesting people. The only cast members who came by was Joe Morton, and Kerry Washington waved.


The live reading of the show was really cool to see. One of the producers, Betsy Beers, read the stage directions and descriptions of what was happening in the scenes. The whole cast including those who just had a few lines were there, besides Scott Foley. He was at Jimmy Kimmel but for some reason didn’t come to the reading. So one of the producers, Tom Verica, read his lines. I’m sorry to say that most of my pictures are of my two favorites! But I did try to get a few of the other actors as well.


The Fitz / Olivia scene was really wonderful to see live. It felt like a Broadway show!


At the end, there was a very quick question and answer session, but the audience didn’t get to ask questions, just the moderator did.


And that’s it! Scandal meant a lot to me over the years and it was really cool to get to see the cast together for the last time!