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Tour of The Roasterie

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Last week we took a tour of The Roasterie, the Kansas City based air-roasted coffee factory. We learned about the history of the company – it was started in a basement in Brookside! – and saw how the coffee is roasted as well as a brewing demonstration. We also got to taste the coffee. The kids didn’t like it but I did!


These are some old machinery that used to be used for making coffee.


The bags contain the raw coffee beans from many countries around the world.


The roasters roast a lot of coffee per day, based on how much is ordered. Many places around the city receive fresh coffee daily.


Here is our tour guide showing us how to brew coffee.


And a latte!


We’ve been on way too many brewery tours (in my opinion) but this was my first coffee related tour and I would definitely do it again!