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TBB Asks Spring Edition

Monday, April 2, 2018


The first Monday of the month means it’s time to answer questions from The Blended Blog! This month’s questions focus on spring. It is still cold and cloudy out here – we need some better spring weather!

1. What 3 colors remind you of spring?

Pink, purple, and green!

2. What is the first thing you add to your wardrobe in spring?

Short sleeved shirts.

3. What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in spring?


4. Who mows the grass where you live?

Someone we pay.

5. What’s spring like where you live?

It’s nice, usually. It lasts longer than it did in NJ!

6. What’s your favorite thing about spring?

Warm weather.


7. Are you a spring cleaner?

Yes, we have to clean for Passover!

8. Are you a baseball fan?

Yes! Go Royals. We had a horrible opening game – ugh.

9. Tulips or Daffodils?

I like both! But I’ll say tulips!


10. Favorite outdoor spring activity?

Just about anything we can do as a family – kite flying, bike riding, baseball games, just taking walks!

11. Flowers in the ground or in pots?

Mine are in the ground. The few I have that is.

12. Favorite bird?

Hmm…I like cardinals but they are really winter birds in my opinion! I like seeing the baby ducks!

13. Car wash or wash vehicles at home?

Car wash.

14. When do you pull out your sandals?

As soon as there are a few days in a row that are warm enough! I don’t like to stop wearing them once I start!

Are you having spring weather where you live?