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Fantomorphia–New Adult Coloring Book

Monday, April 9, 2018


I’m sure by now you have delved into the adult coloring trend. If not, what are you waiting for? Adult coloring books are so intricately designed and pretty, they make you want to start adding color right away.

Kerby Rosanes is a Philippines-based illustrator and best-selling author of adult coloring books so I was very excited to be offered a copy of his newest book, Fantomorphia.


Rosanes works in intricately detailed black and white lines to create creatures, characters, patterns, and tiny elements to form compositions of mind-boggling complexity. There are even tiny hidden objects to find on each page.


To be honest, I love his black pen designs so much that it doesn’t seem necessary to add color to them, but when you see how cool the pictures look in color, getting your pencils to paper is irresistible.


Did you know that coloring can be meditative and can lower stress and anxiety levels? You also don’t have to be an adult to enjoy coloring these detailed pictures. Both Simon and Gabbie enjoy doing so as well.


For more about Kirby Rosanes and his work, visit:
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