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Three Quick Bathroom Updates

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


My two older kids share a bathroom and were recently discussing ways to change it up to acknowledge that they are older now. They got rid of their Disney themed drinking cups and they want me to remove the collage photo of them taking baths when they were young – but I don’t want to! It’s too cute! (I would consider moving it to my bathroom but I don’t have anything to replace it with yet).


I did help them update their bathroom a bit with three small changes.

First, I replaced the shower curtain rings. The ones we had on there looked nice, but they didn’t slide easily and came off at times. It was hard to put them back on, especially for us not tall people. So I replaced those rings with a simple set of clear ones. While I was up there, I also cleaned off the top of the rod. It was pretty grimy – maybe that is why the former rings wouldn’t slide!


Secondly, I took down that blue bag of bath toys. I neglected to do that last year while I was decluttering. We don’t have any kids who need bath toys living here! I did save our best toys for when we might have baby guests visit!

Finally, I added a cute decal to the bathroom door. It just so happened that Sarah from American Sign Letters contacted me and asked if I would like to try out a decal from her shop. They are a family owned business based out of Florida and they make many types of signs and decals. When I was looking at the decals available, Gabbie told me that she and Zachary had thought it would be cute to add a decal of a woman and a man on their bathroom door, like the signs they have on public restrooms. I let Sarah know the idea and she came up with a decal for us!

Decals come with mounting instructions and a squeegee tool to use to apply the decal to the wall.

I used painter’s tape to attach the decal where I wanted it, and then removed the bottom layer from the sticker.

Then I used the squeegee tool to press the decal onto the door. When it was stuck down firmly, I removed the top layer.

Doesn’t it look cute? Both of the kids were happy with it!

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What do you think of our bathroom updates?