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Old Red Bridge Love Locks

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Old Red Bridge Love Locks

One of my favorite parts of the photography challenge I am doing this year is discovering new places to visit and photograph. Not every week affords a visit to a new place – last week I took a picture at the library and this week I plan to revisit somewhere I’ve been before – but I am trying to get to places I have not been before at least some of the time. A few weeks back, I came across the fact that Kansas City has a Love Locks Bridge – a place where people lock their love by attaching a padlock to the bridge, “pronouncing their unbreakable and everlasting love.”

With the theme of the week being Depth of Field, I could just imagine a photo of the locks on the bridge, focusing on some of the locks and blurring others, and thus demonstrating the concept of a small depth of field. This means I wanted to have a small focus area, with only a small area of the picture in focus and the rest blurred. That is why most of the photos I took are focused in that way!

Approaching the bridge.

The bridge that serves as the Love Locks Bridge is also known as the Old Red Bridge, because it is old and red! It was dedicated in 1932 by Harry Truman and is made of concrete, steel, and granite. There is now a new bridge that goes over the road, and this bridge is a pedestrian bridge which became the Love Locks Bridge in 2013.


I was rather amazed at all the locks on the bridge and how pretty they looked!



It turned out that two other people in two other parts of the world had the same idea as I did and also photographed a bridge with locks on it! One of their pictures was even featured in the top pictures of that week, which made me feel just a little sorry for myself! However, the good thing is that I love the photos I took! What do you think of them?