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10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Monday, March 12, 2018

10 Spring Cleaning Tips

This month’s topic for 10 on the 10th with Perfectly Port is 10 Spring Cleaning Tips. I am not very good at cleaning so my first tip is not to do what I do! I’ve decided to make this post more of a collection of tips I’ve found on other sites (Pinterest!) and hope to use in the future.

1. Make a plan. Part of my problem is not doing what I’m supposed to and procrastinating! I do much better with having a schedule to follow. Here is a 28-Day plan from Simple Green.


Or if you only have a day, you can use this schedule from Oprah:

2. Here is a graphic on how to clean your kitchen with every day ingredients from lifehacker:

3. For bathrooms, Picky Stitch has an article with 12 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks from cleaning the shower with a dish wand to getting rid of hard water stains with lemon to how to clean your porcelain sinks. And here is a graphic from For Rent.

4. Clean and Scentsible made a printable bedroom spring cleaning checklist and provided instructions here. For me, I didn’t believe the amount of dust I found under the bed!


5. Want to clean grout between tiles? Here’s how you can do it with vinegar.

6. You probably want to declutter while you’re cleaning, and Premeditated Leftovers has tips for that.

7. Got stainless steel? I do! Here’s how to clean your appliances with baby oil. How about steam cleaning? You can learn more on how to steam clean at home here.

8. I also have a leather couch – here’s how to clean it with olive oil!

9. Our dining room has wood floors. One Crazy House has a post with 15 Wood Floor Hacks! View on for more information on mops for hardwood floors.


10. My last tip is to enlist help. Whether that means hiring someone or getting your family involved, cleaning is much easier with others involved. The Intentional Mom has a fun post on how to make cleaning fun for your kids!

Adorable kids brother and sister at home

What are your best spring cleaning tips?


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